Thanks to everyone!

What fun we had.  Thanks to everyone at Ohio State and in Chicago at the patagonia store for having me and for coming out to the slide shows, I had the best time, y’all were spectacular and we tore the roof off at the afterparty didn’t we?  I hope to see you all out there on the road one of these days.

So, when I don’t feel like writing much, I just take the low easy road and copy and paste a new trailer or something, so since I’m home now and I’m tired I’ll just do what I do, here’s a sweeeet little clip from Scandinavia.   Enjoy.

  • you should definitely come visit scandinavia, tear the place up! 😀

  • Welcome back! Great clip, really wild to watch.

  • Nancy

    Sweet! Love the music…I’m pumped! Let’s DO IT!

  • Nice move, thanks Sonnie. The dvd can be ordered at
    The cracks themselves are served in Bohuslän, on a “self service” basis.


  • Neel

    Thanks for the link Jonas, i was afraid to go to google and type in “crackoholic”… 🙂

  • Jonas Paulsson

    Ha ha! Yeah, we hesitated quite a while before we settled for that title. Funny when you look at it now, many of the routes we ended up shooting where not cracks. More scary faces and arêtes.