Kentucky! RRG!

It’s so sunny, it’s so beautiful and I have not much more to say,  so many happy climbers, so many friendly faces.  Wanna get chalky and pumped.  By the way, they have a via ferrata up here in the gorge, why do so many climbers feel that via ferrata’s are crap?  Climbers drill holes in the rock too, what makes a free climb more important than a via ferrata?  Just asking?  I did quite a few of them in Europe and thought they were super fun.  Hmmmm…Okay, climb time.

  • I’ll be there in a couple of weeks. I simply can’t wait. The Red is as good as it gets as far as I’m concerned. Have fun dude, there’s nothing else to do there 🙂

  • Unfortunately some climbers are snobs. Not the majority, most just love to climb but not everyone is a pro or advanced climber. If the cables get people to discover climbing then Yay for via ferrata! I want more people to discover our source of so much fun and great exercise. Therea re tons of sites that are free of cables and iron.