• tim

    desert gold?

  • Luke

    Ahhhhh, dying for updates!

  • Burtacus

    Aye! I know… Where’s he at?

  • Christian

    I bet he is climbing some amazing rock!

  • hasan

    RED ROCKS!!! :)))

  • Pascal

    He’d better be 😉

  • Adam Ondra

    Sonnie I will Crush you because I climb evry rock… evry angle

  • Sonnie

    Ha ha, killer. I wonder if the real Adam Ondra cares that creepy fan people are using his name for new e-mail addresses for blog posts? Funny shit. Okay, I’ll play along – Adam, thanks for the comment, how come you haven’t been to Squamish yet? There are projects here with your name on them. Please visit us. Dreamcatcher 5.14d, flash? I’ll give you all the beta, except for the moves I can’t do. And yes, you will crush.