If you’re bored today like most people, and you’re dreaming about when you can finally move to Squamish and live the life you were meant to live, then here’s a few superbly cheesy, and highly commercial (yet granted well executed) videos to keep the dream alive. The music gets quite annoying after you’ve watched about 2 of them, but there’s no denying that they behold beautiful cinematography and a great marketing campaign.

I was asked to participate in these commercials last summer. I said NO because I felt like a complete tool saying the words, “I am the spirit of Squamish”.  I hope that doesn’t offend anyone.  I just could not sit in front of a camera and crew and say that line with a straight face.  Impossible.  I think the mountains are the spirit, but not me. I’m a nobody fool, just here for a short time trying to enjoy it as much as I can.  I think the tag line should have been “THIS is the spirit of Squamish” not “I”.  I, is lame. Just my opinion. But I’m glad these were made, I think, they do an excellent job at showcasing our outdoor activities, friends, and peaceful lifestyles here.

But these youtube files have a down side, they will probably draw more crowds here, and more population which cuts into what makes the Sea to Sky so amazing and wild.   Understandably, this pisses a lot of people off.  But please don’t forget, at some point or another we are all “imports” to this area.  Immigrants if you will.  Aliens.  What really makes you a local I wonder?  I first came here in the year 2000, roughly 10 years ago, some of our friends came about 30 years ago and we met one family who arrived 50 years ago, and so on. We are all coming from somewhere and we should try to embrace that other people will want to come here and live here as well.  Why wouldn’t you?

Last month Lydia and I took a vacation to see the Islands of Hawaii and surf the waters.  It came across to us at least that the (typically white) American citizens who lived there felt (for some strange reason) that they were special people.  That they were better than you and me because we were just a tourist and they were “temporary residents”.   Basically, many of the surfing worlds working class caucasian locals were (for lack of a better word), grumpy assholes.  Which would never deter me from going back and enjoying the beauty of the area and meeting non asshole like people – BUT STILL – it’s as if they act like that just to fit in, so that outsiders won’t feel too comfortable and try to move there.  Even if they could afford it.  I watched them on many occasions going out of their way to be dicks to tourists, it’s like it’s part of the white man from the main land’s social responsibility. Each annoying roll of the eyes from some blond douche with a tan serving coffee at Starbucks said in bold type “I can fly over here from New York City during the winter months and live the beach bum life, but screw you if you try and do it too, I’m significant damnit“. What a crock of shit. That mentality really got to me bones.   It’s weak and narrow minded and so very self important.  When we got back to Squamish, it reminded me how calm and genuine it is here.  I hope it can stay like this during the next 10 years, 50 years, 100 years.  But who can say?  I’ll do my personal best to remember what’s it’s like to be a tourist here, and I’ll try to be as friendly as I can, if I’m not, I’m sorry, it’s because I fell off my project earlier that day, or I recognized you from Haleiwa.

On to the videos and the editors note at the bottom…enjoy…






PLEASE NOTE:   Not everyone in Hawaii were assholes.  In fact, with all honesty, some of the coolest most laid back down to earth folk I had ever met were on that trip, BUT it only takes a few rotten apples to spoil it for everyone else.  Please show respect and kindness and appreciation for the life you and we lead.  It’s a wonderful world.

  • Dave

    hey sonnie, sorry you ran into some of those grumps in hawaii who try to front some bullshit localism. I lived out there for a year and saw it everywhere. I think some of it comes out of surfing though, where surfers are in real competition for waves with each other, and this has created a poisonous vibe in a lot of places. Let’s hope it never happens to climbing! Regardless, hawaii is an amazing place and the majority of people there live with real aloha.

  • uber

    Nice videos…i like the overall approach they took (calm, relaxed, revitalizing). Can’t wait to visit again!

    as for surfer issues in hawaii…your ‘starbucks’ analogy reminds me of what i’ve encountered in Vancouver when i meet people from the east and i tell them i’m also from out east and just visiting.

    that whole…i can move to the ‘cool west coast’ but you can’t garbage exists in vancouver huge.

  • That whispered “spirit of Squamish” thing at the end of the rock climbing video made me want to gouge my eyes out. Or my ears. You’re right, the videos are incredibly corny.

  • Rio

    So…what happened to her belayer? lol.

  • Fre

    I totally understand that you couldn’t say the words “I am the spirit of Squamish” but don’t you regret a tiny bit not doing it? The videos may be super-corny but they seem well made and look kinda neat at the same time. I don’t understand why they didn’t ask a selection of Squamish climbers for the climbing video; some older guys that have been around for a while and have written some guide books or so and then some younger kids and perhaps some people that only just moved or are visiting Squamish, but are enjoying the very same classic routes that everyone climbs like Exasperator, or High Mountain Woody or so many more. I know I’m gonna show the videos to my little brothers that will come over this summer to visit Canada for the first time and they will ask me: where are Sonnie, Sean and Will?

  • Sonnie

    Oh smack, HILARIOUS! It’s funny ’cause it’s true, I hate those old hexes. Top-rope, all the way. Did you see the length of that guys arms? Reminds me of John Stack. And yes, one day, I really will be in a BD catalog, and then my life will be complete and I can die happy.

    Rio, that’s exactly what I thought, Classic:)

  • Danny

    Did Pete fart on your pillow out in Hawaii? He’s always doing that, what an ass…..

    Sorry you ran into some lame-o people out there, I hope I didn’t steer you guys wrong. Its a sad fact that those who have much, take sooo much for granted too, but karma’s a bitch… Its sounds like you guys at least enjoyed the sun and surf.