Big Willy Style!

The 23 year old from North Vancouver is back at it again, this time with a slide show in Bellingham, WA.  Perhaps the coolest place South of Squamish and North of Portland.  Will is one of my many hero’s, he’s a natural entertainer, humble, real and with a passion for climbing that exceeds most.  It’s his passion that allows him to achieve so much in the vertical world.  When most climbers cough up excuses, will coughs up a can of Kokanee, then sends his project.  In this photo below Will (green t-shirt) and Jason Kruk play safe at the Five Ten booth in Salt Lake City.  Check out his blog for details, but more importantly, go to the show, I believe it’s free. (CLICK ON THE IMAGE)

  • Danny

    I was searching for a proclaimers song “over and done with” and Big Will’s blog popped up. That Man is everywhere, Genius.