Whoa! Whoa!

…hold on just a cotton pickin minute.  Not that Smith Rock or Australia don’t sound incredible, although I’ve been to both of them before….

Sonnie may have found a partner for his dream trip to Mexico.

Sonnie is getting very stoked again to climb some limestone.

Sonnie will share more soon, when, where and with who.

Thanks for your patience, keep up the pulling down.


P.S.  Here’s a tip when doing pull-ups.  Instead of pulling your body UP, try to think of pulling your elbows DOWN, it’s weird, but it will feel easier.

  • congrats on your trip resurrection. someone told me the elbows down thing a while ago in the gym and strangely it works. the human body is a weird beast.

  • Andreas

    similar effect with push-ups… if you think pushing into the floor, or away from you, it becomes easier. should be renamed to push-downs….

  • 5.10 kevin

    nice! hope it all comes together homie

  • Sonnie

    Thanks for the tips guys. I agree, the human body ‘IS’ a weird beast, but also the human mind, imagine how thinking differently can make the same act “feel” different. Imagine if we could begin to apply this to everything we do? Yoga has shown me ways to get more from the same posture, just by using visualization, it’s so incredible.

  • elias

    yo sonnie!!! a friend of mine(real strong guy) named hanson aka diego lopez montull is at chihuahua at the gigante big wall trying to search for(route development) some hard nice routes, he’s needing some equipment and he’s surely a good guide for that area, he’s done incredible hard first ascents so….if you need info , mail me back. elias