deep thoughts!

So my climbing partner for Mexico, Tim Emmett, broke his ankle last week (no not base jumping, cat skiing).  We were supposed to leave on March 13th, but his cast won’t be removed for 3-4 weeks.  So, it looks like the El Gigante trip will have to be postponed.  Shit.   In the meantime, I need to find somewhere to go and climb, the weather here has been SICKy beautiful, but I need more consistency, and vitamin D.  Hmmm, maybe back down south, Nevada? Cali? Arizona?  Maybe Smith? We’ll see, where my heart and available partners and cheap plane tickets take me.  We’ll see…I got some deep thinking to do.  Very deep.

In the meantime, here’s a cool little clip of Tim for his lecture tour last year, he’s incredibly animated and makes for a perfect public speaker, not to mention climbing partner, and there’s something about that goddamn British accent, it doesn’t matter what they say, it always sounds sort of interesting, those bastards got it all lined up, even when they’re drunk (which is much of the time) they still sound engaging, even more so perhaps.  That’s probably the reason more North American athletes aren’t proper television stars, they sound like idiots when they get drunk where as the Brits, sound they’re even smarter than sober.

Tim Emmett 09 lecture tour from Speakers from the Edge on Vimeo.

  • 5.10 kevin

    sonnie you know you’re always welcome in redlands…were leaving on wednesday the 17th for the rendezvous, and you can roll out in a van with us. vegas baby…accomadations, free travel, fun event and of course the sunny and warm climbing!!! be our guest. then we all head out on our own tours…would be cool to roadtrip doodly!

  • Evan

    Come to the Arkansas, man!!

  • Unai

    Come to Spain!!!!!!!!

  • Red rocks, Arkansas, Spain??? HA! Come out to Los Angeles and I’ll give you a local’s tour of the most historic bouldering area in North America, fucking Stoney Point baby!! Guaranteed sunshine, sweet problems and beer. Come be a part of the history!

  • Paul

    Smith has been real good!

  • Evan


    Smith is currently off the hook with the good sending vibes, not to mention perfect temps!

  • Well why not look a bit further south and head down to South Australia?

    You could warm up in the local crag in Adelaide ( ) before heading out to Moonarie for some nice trad, the amazing Mt Arapiles or set ground on the Grampions (all in about 5 hrs drive from Adelaide).

    Guess you wont find a cheap ticket, but for sure you´ll find amazing rock, light spirited people and some well needed D from the endless sun here in Oz,