I just wanted to show you this video that my cousin Erik made from the Interior.  We’re both born and raised in Ontario but I think he’s living around Rossland BC zone right now and it looks as though he just got himself a helmet cam?   Super cool stuff.   This video shows very well what a five hour hike can do, and what living the dream is all about.  Nice work E,  keep it up,  we wanna see more – oh – and bitchin music track too, makes me wanna dance and drink champaign….

Old Glory from Erik on Vimeo.

  • anonymous

    cousin? That guy could be your twin!

  • Nancy


  • geo

    AWesome!! That track and the video go amazingly together!! I’ve heard that before anyone know what its called.

  • Erik

    The song is I Remember by Dead Mau5. (Dead Mouse)