Hey all,

DO NOT forget to buy your tickets to the red carpet, and very prestigious closing ceremony of the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival. Tonight the 28th, they got American Cedar Wright, (amongst other bad asses) he’s hilarious, he’s from Boulder (isn’t everybody) and he’ll be ripping it up on stage.  Tomorrow the 29th, is Canadian boy wonders Will Stanhope and Sean McColl, both of whom are angelic products of the Edge Junior Team in North Vancouver.  Sean is a World Cup competitor and has performed better than any Canadian ever on the competition circuit across Europe, while Will comes from a different angle all together, he gets his kicks from climbing big walls and big peaks from BC to Argentina. and they might even let me say a few words to – if I’m lucky.  Join in the fun, the beer is always cold, Will is always drunk and the girls are forever young.  For a taste of Cedar’s laid back and super chill attitude, check out this clip of him being filmed high above some testicle shrinking void.  I haven’t done any high-lining myself yet, it looks CRAZy though, and they say your mind must be like steel trap.  Or check out this clip of Will Stanhope  from Alias Cinemas doing some crazy bouldering and the classic Flight of the Challenger here in Squamish.   Iz gonna be a sicky film I reckon.   Anyway, see you tomorrow night.

Will Stanhope from Alex Lavigne – ALIAS CINEMA on Vimeo.

  • Steve Traversari

    “testicle shrinking void” that’s a classic! I think I’m going to use that myself – if you don’t mind too much.

  • Saw your presentation and movie last night at vimff – great job. was sorry I didn’t have a chance to talk to you afterward. looking forward to checking out your next adventure.

  • CJ

    CW meet PP (aka man on wire):