So I got BIG news, and BIGGER news, (which may not be either for some of you “internet enthusiasts”:)

I’ll start with the big news first, now that it’s “official” and everything, I’d like to announce with great pleasure that I’ll be climbing for Black Diamond Equipment from here on out.  In France when these sorts of changes happen, they get covered by ‘International Press Releases’, and Joe Schmoe Francois would be sitting down tomorrow morning with his fresh baguette and reading about it in the French Newspaper (that is, if it hasn’t gone bankrupt yet).  But here in the Great White North, of Canadia, we don’t have paper, or press, so we just crack open a cold beer, update our blogs, throw another log on the fire and call it a day.!!

As many of you know, previously I have been working with Petzl USA, since 2004, who will forever remain very close friends of mine, and who distribute some of the finest climbing gear on the market no doubt.  But over the years my style and interest and climbing objectives have shifted, and I find myself relating more and more to BD,  as a company in itself, and for all the gear they work so hard to make perfect.  I’ve been using black diamond cams for well over 10 years, most notably the bigger sizes (because in 2005 and 2006 I got a set of small Aliens for free), but I’ve been known to borrow some .75’s here and there for some good ‘ol Indian Creek specials as well. I’m sorry, but there’s just no denying the smooth action and fierce holding power of the camalot.

I look very forward to the opportunity of using Black Diamond gear exclusively, and to try my hardest in breaking it if I can.  Which means bigger falls, smaller gear, higher expectations.  It’s going to be loads of fun.  Thanks to everyone at BD for making me feel at home.

So the BIGGER news is that the highly respected, highly talented and highly entertaining superstar Adam Ondra, will also be joining the Black Diamond Global Team.  This is exciting, hopefully with such great support and a greater network of climbers we will start to see what this wonder kid is actually capable of.  Imagine if he tried something for more than 3 or 4 days?  Imagine that.  Remember how quickly and easily he did Action Direct, not to mention all the other standard setting F.A’s and repeats.  5.15d?  Now what the hell would THAT look like even?  I’m not sure I want to know, but I like to imagine that it’s possible.

Now lets go climbing.  For more news on Black Diamond, check out their Journal.  It’s SICKY dog.

  • Congratulations, Sonnie, that’s really great news! Good luck trying to keep up with Ondra, though 🙂

  • Congrats, and update your sponsors page!

  • Sonnie

    ha ha, okay Andrew it’s updated, thank you, and sorry for the delay, I had to climb a little this morning first. As for Ondra, ha ha, here is my answer, I love to push myself just as much as anyone else, (well, maybe not as much as Paxti) but I love trying hard, but with that being said, I have no intention of ‘trying’ to keep up with anybody but myself, especially Adam (he’s from another planet you know), I try to climb whatever strikes me the most, not for results, or for performance reasons, but strictly for the opposite, I climb for a simple and unique experience, nothing more.

    Cheers and best wishes.

  • Neel

    Congrats man! Awesome news… now all you have to do is get Ondra to Squamish to show you a thing or two 🙂

  • Scott

    Hey Sonnie congrats on the new sponsor! May it be a long and rewarding one….Funny about the Petzl / BD thing you mentioned. I was in the co-op trying on new helmets..the standard Petzl one and the standard BD one. The Petzl was way too sketch for me, razor thin and toy-like…BD for the win. Oh and gotta love those classic BD ovals!!

    Look forward to seeing your video next week at VIMFF! I have always admired Presto, fantastic looking crag.

  • Nancy

    Congratualtions, Sonnie! That’s front page news in my book! 🙂

  • congrats!

  • Sid

    The way I see it, It’s Sonnie who could show Ondra a thing or two!

  • Garrett

    Congratulations Sonnie! I’m so happy. I have given past thought as to why you were not on their team/company lineup but an thrilled you are now. Good luck! I’ll be following closely on your future success.

  • Way to go Sonnie!
    The spanish and british commune here are watching closely! 🙂
    Big things waiting for you lad, good work
    Keep it up