What's New!

Okay, so what’s new these days?  Not much and a lot.  I’m happy to report that the rain has eased off considerably since last week, but we still get enough wet spells here in Squamish that it’s impossible to rock climb.  YET.  Maybe this Sunday.

But it’s okay with me either way because I’ve had a bit of pain in my lower back for a while now, (which is hilarious because if you read my rant before christmas you’ll probably think I’m an over sensitive tart, which I am,  but the truth is, if it was all good all the time I wouldn’t have anything to say, so even though it’s nothing serious, I’m sharing my experience anyway) and after seeing some physio’s I have a really good grasp of what I need to do in order to get back onto the horse (so to speak).  It’s not unbearable by any means, (I did go to the gym last night, and felt strong, but don’t tell my doctor) but basically she says it’s getting tighter and tighter, and without the help of some professionals, I could be all bent out of shape permanently by the time I’m 45.  What they are basically telling me is that since I’ve lived such an “active” lifestyle for so long (some call it having a youth, I call it doing stupid shit since I was 11) regardless, I’ve had so many mini trauma’s that my lower back muscles have contracted too tightly in order to protect it all.  The real problem is that I’ve never really let the injuries heal and therefore my muscles have never really let go, or settled.  This sort of chronic tension is creating a ripple throughout my nervous system which creates the sensation of pain, even if my muscles aren’t worked as much I think they should be.  Does that make sense?  I’m getting some body work done at the moment, IMS is amazing, and deep tissue massage as well.  One day at week at the chiro and I’ll be jumping off 20 foot highballs again in no time.  Everyone told me 30 was when the injuries start catching up, they were bang on.  But it’s completely reversible, and it’s nothing serious, I just need to put in the time and energy.  This whole world is about balance I’m learning, and if we don’t take the time to balance out the choices we make, we’re likely going to pay for them sometime down the road.  If you’re really young now, please trust me.  That means your body, your diet, your bank account, your relationships, everything, the whole lot.  If you don’t take your vitamins everyday, or stretch everyday, or set aside a small savings budget everyday, or tell your partner how much they mean to you, you’ll end up broke, broken, and lonely. ha ha ha.  Okay, it probably won’t be that bad – but you know what I mean.  Spread the love.

Also, I’m sad to report I won’t be going to Patagonia like I had originally planned.  Which is more than okay, because it was pretty tight financially for both my partner Jesse and I.  We both feel a bit better for not going.  Besides, (and not to rub it in) but those guys down there are having a terrible season so far, lots and lots of snow, lots of bouldering and very little alpine climbing.  So we’re not missing much I guess. So far.

On the up side, and on the home front, The Grand Wall Climbing Co-Op changed all it’s holds around, we spent all day Sunday cleaning holds and resetting the walls, so they are fresh and good to go. So stoked.  I’ve been climbing with Tim Emmett from England a bit lately and we’re in the process of planning a mini trip down to Chihuahua, Mexico.  We’d like to climb the 2800 ft El Gigante if we could.  But Feb is the land of short days and long nights so there’s no guarantee.  Tim wants to base jump from the summit if we make it.  That would be SOOOOO sick.  I really hope everything falls into place on this one.  Okay, that’s it for now.  PEACE.!!  Enjoy the clip from Mehico.

  • Josh

    Congrats on your move to BD. Are you still coming out to Joshua Tree? Perfect temps these last few weeks.

  • elias

    wow!!! chihuahua is an amazing state bro!! tons and tons of bouldering….great hard routes undeveloped, or just waiting there and a landscape….ohhh god the landscape…so cool, wish i could go right fuckin now… keep us informed man…