The news about Haiti still devastates me,  all of us I’m sure.  But it seems (at least) as though action is being taken and I find some peace in knowing that.  For every crushing tale there is always a positive one to follow it.  The world is a cruel place no doubt, the weather, the ocean, the mountains, they have no mercy,  no control.  It’s both tragic and beautiful that we must live in a world without rules or warning, scientists can do everything they can, but still accidents will happen, humans will suffer, that’s the way it’s always been, and it always will be.  It doesn’t make it easier though.  The best we can do is just that, send love, send hope, send money and send people.  But also, we must be thankful for what we have, be grateful, to yourself and towards others,  because we are not special people, we are merely lucky to be alive right now, that’s it.  Lucky to have not just anything, but everything.

So onto other thoughts, perhaps an uplifting climbing note is in order, (and speaking of unpredictable weather), I want to tell you how SHIT it’s been here this week in Squamish.  Holy Crap-o-la.  We got some serious rain fall.  There was even a flood warning in the forecast, which thankfully passed.  Now, like any mountain town, there is sun on the horizon, this evening was absolutely BEAUTIFUL and tomorrow I’m willing to bet is a CLIMBING DAY.  And the real truth of it is, in two weeks time, this Monsoon Season will be over and it’ll be February again, the WORLDS BEST BOULDERING is about to begin.

So, here’s a tip, if you live in Vancouver, Seattle, Whistler, OR, you’re just passing through on vacation or business, be sure to check the weather forecast and bring your shoes up with you when you come, there’s always some locals in the forest.  If you’re not sure which web-site to check, try WWW.SQUAMISHWEATHER.COM .  They have a LINKS page with all the different reputable websites on the net.  With a few clicks of the mouse, you can paint a VERY accurate picture of how the day will turn out.  Also, there’s a  WEB CAM on the way.  This means we can all see ‘up to the minute’ pictures of the Chief and down the Howe Sound.  This is going to be AWESOME.  Even if you live in Squamish, a dark basement suite in the corner of Valleycliff, you can just click on the link, or the RSS FEED and it’ll notify you with updates and pretty pictures of the big rock in all its glory.

Until next time – Happy Climbing to all of you!   And my warmest wishes and deepest sympathy’s to the people of Haiti, I think it’s time for another trip to the bank.


  • Lars

    hi Sonnie,

    Maybe you already know about these….


  • Sonnie

    Fuckin eh, tnx Lars, that’s some cool shit. Good to know.

  • Erik Pasquino

    Hey Sonnie,

    were getting a stupid amount of rain and warm weather too in the Kooteneys. I cant imagine how wet it is on the coast. Just wanted to drop a line and say that your site is pretty sweet. Like the edits 😀