GO – DONATE MONEY RIGHT NOW. HAITI NEEDS OUR HELP.  When you drink you’re non-fat-mocha latte today and get in your mechanical wheelchair that drives you to work, think about what your $5.oo in coffee beans could do for them, or your $10 in gasoline.  Think about what $25 dollars can do, or $50, or a $100 – especially when you multiply that by the hundreds of Millions of people that live in comfort everyday around the World.   I just got back from the bank, it took me 10 minutes to walk down the street, transfer funds from my account, and collect my tax receipt.  Now I’m back home, sitting on my couch thinking about what else I can do.  If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know.  But if you haven’t already done it, GO DO IT NOW.  There are more survivors buried in the rubble, they need IMMEDIATE action.  The longer we wait, the less helpful we are.  This is as urgent as urgent gets.

I’m sorry for the post today, but I just can’t seem to think about climbing right now.

  • tim

    Well put. The news crushed me today. An easy way to help is at https://store.causecast.org/. For a heart wrenching report go to democracynow.org.
    thanks for bringing this front and center.

  • for anyone in the uk you can donate to the disaster emergency committee at http://www.dec.org.uk/

    cheers sonnie


  • marc

    People who wish to provide funds in charity should exercise caution , as I have personally witnessed during a previous trip to Haiti, how many NGO’s and their staff use charity moneys to live a paradise life in Haiti (Oxfam)… In our community, …Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders has a good reputation, and I am leaning in their direction.

  • Cheyenne

    A great group is Partners In Health. They have been in Haiti for over 20 years and do really wonderful work including the Haitians in providing Health Care for their Country. They have a list of medical supplies and types of volunteers they need as well as an opportunity to donate funds. Highly recommend this Organization as well as the book Mountains Beyond Mountains about one of their co-founders and working in Haiti. Help spread the word…. http://www.pih.org
    Love and Prayers to the people of Haiti.

  • Trevor

    Firstly, don’t be sorry for not updating the blog with climbing. The well being of others is more important; those are our brothers and sisters. Along with giving I believe with all my heart that Prayer will help these people. My wife’s dad works for the Christian Missionary Alliance. They are sending teams down and taking any donnations with them. anyone can do so at https://www.cmalliance.org/give/online-giving?project=4-47402-44&projectName=CAMA&projectDesc=Haiti+Earthquake+Relief

    If there are any bones to pick with how donnations are being handled through this group I will do my personal best to answer any questions and get people answers. Thank you for standing up for what is right. My brother in law and I helped some climbers get down the West Point Crack in Garden of the gods last summer at 9:30 pm; they were so happy they bought us premium beverages. My beer money for a while is going to Haiti.

    Press on,


  • Trevor

    and by Soonie I mean Sonnie; my bad.

  • Sonnie

    Great comments everyone, really great. Keep it up. Big hearts. All of you.

  • Rike

    Hi Sonnie,

    the pictures from Haiti are simply unbearable, it makes you desperate to see that these things always hit the people who have to live through so much hardship at the best of times. Fate sure likes to get another good kick in once it has a people on the floor crying for mercy already.

    Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness!

    Keep up the good work,