Hey all.  I just wanted to share this slow motion supposed to feel good type slide show I can’t believe I put together, like the caption says, it’s just a couple of guys going climbing, then drinking beers, nuthin special, but we had some pics, and some video, so we may as well throw them together to show our mums and dads how much fun scary 5.11 sandstone can be when we’re not at home watching MTV.  ha ha.  Have a totally awesome weekend everyone.  Hope you’re out there just killing it.  It’s pouring rain here in Squamish today and I’m just deadhanging on the v-board.  It’s boring sometimes sure, but then again, so is falling off the project for 3 years in a row.  he he.  Gotta suck it up.  Enjoy the clip.

COYOTE CALLING! from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • Senan

    Dude you are living the dream.

  • Awesome. There should be more climbing videos like this. Captures what it’s really all about.

    Also the dog is great. Good smile.

  • Sort of video to make me quit my job (again) and go climbing 🙂

    Great music also – who’s the band?

  • Ady

    In three days that i stay home i couldn’t go climbing not even 2 hour’s because it raining badly,you really living your dream like Senan sad

  • Sonnie

    Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy what we captured. The dog belongs to Bean Bowers, such a beauty, and the song is by the Reconteurs, “Call it a day”. Check them out, super good stuff. Cheers.

  • Very nice video. Thank you for show us that.

  • EJ

    Loved the photography. This is my favorite type of climbing photography because it brings people into the action and along on your journey. You really painted a full picture of your experience.

  • Very good Mr. Trotter, Very good…Love the desert!

  • Hope you guys didn’t have too much trouble on the rap!


  • Ken

    Yeah! That’s the kind of viddy I would show my non climber friends….’splains it all, plain and simple.

  • Scott

    Thanks Sonny! That video is what outdoor adventure is all about, good friends, amazing nature, epic times..

  • Jay

    thanks sonnie. makes me want to go climbing

  • Great video!

  • Very cool clip, and indeed what climbing is all about.

    Just out of curiosity, what did you shoot with? The quality is really good and it doesn’t look like you had a whole lot of equipment with you.

  • Dom

    great vid, I’d swear I saw Airwolf fly by..

  • Sonnie

    Tnx ya’ll. It’s so nice to get such positive feedback. Stevie, we used the tiny but relatively powerful Canon S90. About 450 bones. It’s a great camera once you figure out all the settings. It’s super small, sexy and fits nicely in any pocket, but it’s also slippery with one hand, so if you get it, try putting some tape on the side, or a least use a strap. I nearly dropped mine a few times. And take it from me, don’t lose the battery charger, that’ll run you another ‘hunny’. Inglorious Bastards.