STINGRAY 5.13d? J-Tree?

Greetings,  Does anyone know where to find this classic seam?

I remember reading about it and seeing pictures in the old rags ages ago, I also remember thinking it looked like such a beautiful crack, – Here’s what I know – It was established by Japan’s wafer thin Hidetaka Suzuki sometime in the early to mid 1990’s, it’s somewhere in Joshua Tree and it’s really really thin, which equates to extremely painful (usually).  Also, Hidetaka was one of the original stars to wear two separate shoes for different purposes, he had an edging shoe, and a jamming shoe.  I think the Boreal Ninja was one of them, if my memory serves me correctly.

I’m thinking about doing a trip to Joshua Tree sometime this winter and I would love to hike out to where it is and take a peak.  I wonder how many ascents it’s had?  I wonder if it climbs as good as it looks?  Like Equinox?  I wonder if I wonder too much?

Thanks in advance for any tips or beta.  Hope it’s a good one.


P.S.   Here’s the picture(s) of the day.  Saw this when I was in driving through Moab and thought it was worth spreading the word.  I think a climber should own this car.  Fo sho.

sonnie trotter car 3

sonnie trottter 2 picture

sonnie trotter photo