Is it just me, or does it seem sometimes that the world takes away the very best people?   Recently, I was invited by Guy Lacelle to go ice climbing in the Bow Valley this December, with him and some friends, I would have left in about 5 days.  As of this morning I had not yet decided if I was going to go, (my last ice climbing mission didn’t turn out to be much fun) but I truly loved hanging out with Guy, his presence was always so youthful and refreshing.  He was like a Zen master in my eyes, he always had an optimistic enthusiasm, and a beginners mind.

This year has been especially difficult for climbing deaths and losses.  I can’t begin to imagine the strength it must take to lose someone so close to you, so full of life.  I’ve lost a handful of family members during my time on earth, and a handful of friends.  It’s incredibly sad.  And now Guy is gone too.  Guy was probably the kindest man I ever met, humble, honest, soft spoken, real, genuine, funny and a friend to everyone.  He was a legend of an ice climber yes, but even more so as a human being.  He will be greatly missed.  I sincerely wish his family and loved ones my warmest condolences and deepest sympathy.  There are no words to describe a loss like this.  May we all enjoy our lives as much as we can, while we can, and give to others what we can and leave this world a little better than when we found it.  Guy did.  I hope to.


Arc’teryx Photo.

  • Guy was an infectiously positive man, he loved the sport and he so obviously loved seeing that passion reflect in others. Glad I had the chance, however brief, to get to know him a little while he was here. He will be missed.
    A funny aecdote: My first trip to the Ouray Ice Fest Guy gave a slideshoe entitled “My 100 Favorite Ice Climbs.” That’s a loooong slide show, after a full day of ice, a few beers, and the Quebecois accent didn’t make it any easier. I remember ice climbs 100 through 94, then waking back up around #4! Haha. My loss…

  • family man

    My sincere condolences to all of Guy’s family and many many friends, he was and is an inspiration to many of us.

    Live life to the full, seize the moments your ability, drive and opportunity allow

    Guy certainly did

  • Philly Cheese

    Well said Sonnie, its a tragic loss. 2009 has seen so many of the people we look up to pass away. Let us indeed remember Guy’s enthusiasm and energy. Let us also make a point to be just as generous as he was in sharing it.