December Loggering!

December, the month of Christmas, the month of 50 foot swells in Hawaii, the month of multiple snow days in Ontario, but it’s also the month of cold crisp and sending temps in Squamish, since coming home from Utah I’ve only been out 3 or 4 times, but it’s been good.  I have friends who’ve been out 6, 7 and 8 days in a row.  I went out with two of them on Tues and took some pictures, it blows my mind how dry the forest is right now.  There is not a drop of moisture in the air.  But, the rock feels like ice, which is great if you’re only touching it for 10 seconds at a time.  Bouldering.  What a beautiful art.  And if the skin starts to hurt too much, you can always go Loggering, ha ha.  The absurd Art of climbing logs, mantling them, grading them, naming them and spraying about them afterwards at the bar with your friends.  I hear chicks dig it.  Tell them your into Loggering, it’s sort of the new-ish thing in the North West, a place where we have an abundance of fallen tree’s, or so it seems.  Naturally, it’s not as popular in Indian Creek or Red Rocks, but it might catch on in other places over time.  It’s sort of like those crazy mountain bikers who make ladders and ramps out of drift wood,  the North Shore Style of climbing.  Loggering.  Totally absurd.  Is it worth it?  You decide.

The Prow Boulder, December_Trotter_foto_2

Here is Mandoline, climbing a beautiful prow on the Titanic Boulder, how do you say…velcro.


Blue, eyeballing the line.  Brushing the starting holds.

Log Summit 2


Log Summit 3

Rocking over.

The Log Mantle, Squamish BC_trotter_foto


The Log Summit

Now, here is a coincidental video I was sent of a man named Cam, by himself, with his video machine, and a dangerous looking logger problem.  I’m not saying this is a good idea, or a bad one, but I think you can decide for yourself.

  • J V

    Mr. Trotter,

    For years, people have slowly but steadily developed the extreme sport of loggering. Promotion of this sport is a long-time coming, but I cannot stay silent on the incredulous ethical faux pas shown in the above video (which would otherwise be a sick send). Your posting of said video, without any discussion of the blatant “ripping” of the logger problem crux, suggests that you implicitly, if not outright, condone ripping logs. Next thing you know, kids all over the world will be Potosi’n every logger problem they find because, hey, if an icon like you is ok with it, it must be alright. Jesus.

  • This gives a whole new meaning to someone sending a key logger. lol.

  • beautiful boulder pictures and a beautiful looking log problem, does it have a name and grade?