THa Co-Op

Okay, so I’m home now, I had a truly amazing road trip and I’ve been back just over a week.  It’s been sunny, crispy and cold.  Almost too cold for rock climbing, but not to worry, because it’s almost complete, the new wall (which you can’t see in this photo) but it’s 55 degree’s and it’s going to be SICK.  It’s nice to have an indoor facility that isn’t commercial, that uses mostly wood holds and unites the climbing community.  Squamish just got a whole lot better.  Hope it’s rad in your worlds.  Thanks for stopping by, I’ll be updating more soon, I just have to compose myself, compile some material, unpack, rack up, and then it’s go time.  Oh, but in the meantime, the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival asked me if I would present this year, which I agreed to do.  So if you’re interested in coming out, click on the link for more information.

The co-op

  • Tim

    We also have a coop here in Dublin Ireland. Been running about 2 years now
    one of the best things to happen to my climbing. The social scean down there
    is great to. I’ll get some photos if your intrested.

  • tomb


    what are angles on those walls pictured?

    (building a wall in my house and just curious…)