Sorry I haven’t been writing much, I’ve been climbing a lot.  And drinking.  Climbing and drinking.  Ha ha.  Moab is good, but it’s time to move on, Northward, onward, upward.  I’ll catch up with it soon, but until then, I hope the living is good for all of you.   Here’s Burr showing his appreciation for, well,  everything.


Ahh Moab.  Not sure who’s Tacoma this is, but it’s fuggin hilarious. I think I might have to get my plate changed when I get home.

ahh moab

  • Reed

    Now that’s what I call a well stocked shopping cart.

  • I love how the climbing gear has to be removed from the car to make room for the beers. 🙂

  • BAG

    That chick has a nice ass!