I’m now in Moab, Utah.  I did a wicked drive over the mountain passes yesterday and slept in a trailer last night.  I don’t have much to share today because I have to go rock climbing, sorry but it’s 55 and sunny.  I MUST go.  But here’s a funny picture my friend sent me last week.  And please remember this goes both ways, ladies can be ass women too.  I know many a female who only date men based on how they look in a harness.  It’s mandatory criteria, if you know what I mean?  specially them new Metro thong thingy’s by Arc’T-rex.  so sexy,  it’s like weary a macbook pro around your waist.  Sleek and stylish.  Not as much fun or comfortable, er I mean colorful as the petlz hirundos though eh?  Eh!  I’ll post some more stuff later, like some recent shots by Andrew Burr, my attempts at my latest VS project, tunring 30 and some personal thoughts on Boulder, CO.