The Flats

I can’t help it, I’m a nerd, whenever I travel I always check to see what the skies are doing in the North West.  The forecast in Squamish called for a weather bomb this weekend.   A weather bomb?  What the hell IS that?  I’ve never heard of a weather bomb before.  So I googled it.  Of course.

A WEATHER BOMB:   Weather bombs are the most severe of all winter storms. They are characterized as intense low-pressure systems with a central pressure that falls 24 millibars or more in a 24-hour period.   When a low-pressure system develops over the Atlantic, just off the Carolina coast, it gathers moisture from relatively warm ocean water. If the jet stream is far enough south it brings cold air that combines with the warmer air from the Gulf Stream. A Weather bomb is then created.   Weather bombs are known for dumping heavy amounts of rain and snow, producing hurricane-force winds, and creating high surfs that cause severe beach erosion and coastal flooding.

YIKES!  Here’s what local sun worshipers are adapting in Vancouver to offset the moisture.


You win some you lose some, but I’m so glad to be winning right now.  We’re still in Boulder, lapping up the sunshine while our home is getting bombed.  This weekend has been a dream, 75 degrees and bright.  A group of friends have graciously given me a solid tour of the Flat Irons park.  A mecca for hard climbing, both sport, trad and bouldering, all within a 30 minute walk from the car, which is a 5 minute drive from town.  It’s sort of between Eldo and Flagstaff Mt.  It’s a wonderful labyrinth of rock, rivers and trees.  I also got to climb with my friend Said Belhaj, from Sweden.  Check out his Petzl Blog he’s lives a truly wonderful life.  Most recently he’s recovered from a traumatic finger injury, which happened six months ago.


He’s been talking about getting back into shape (we both have) but we had a blast onsighting a collection of 5.13’s this weekend.  So much fun.  I think he’s well on his way to his old self, which means routinely onsighting 5.13c’s and d’s.  Here’s a picture of my friend Derek, climbing the latest mega classic on the Dino Wall, 35 meters long, pumpy but with good rests.  He sent it yesterday placing draws,  fuckin eh!

derek low crux

derek dino wall 2