Man, I gotta keep this shit tight.  I’m supposed to meet some friends for dinner.  Pearl Street.  Or course.  Gotta love Pearl Street.  If Boulder CO, is the center of the universe and P-street is the center of Boulder, what does that make it?  Who cares.  The point is I’m here, and last week I was in Oregon, the land of no sales tax, Honda Elements, and great food.  I did a slide show in Eugene and to be honest it was the best crowd I’ve ever seen.  Totally unexpected.  They were just so amped to be out, socializing with each other and drinking the good brew.  (by the way, some of that delicious IPA got poured into my laptop and now everything is fucked up, which is completely my fault for getting so excited and trying to mimic hand sequences with a pint of beer in my hand, serves me right), but even with that aside, holy shit, I’d go back to Eugene in a heart beat.  What a community,  what a party.  I felt like I was just hanging with good friends, they relieved all the pressures of showing up to a new city and trying to impress a crowd.  Thanks for that.  And thanks to Mike and Mike for making it happen.  Good memories.

So now we’re in Boulder, it’s sunny as fuck here and 75 degrees. We tried climbing in Eldo on a colder day last week, but got frozen off the 4th pitch.  Actually that’s a lie, just before we made the tough decision to bail and go down because we were too damn cold and numb, Ben my partner pulled the end of the rope up to his belay and in the process pulled my shoe right off my socked foot.  It fell straight down, and now my foot was numb too.  Crap.  That’s the first time I think I’ve ever botched anything that important,  even a belay device can go over the edge, munter hitch mania, a piece of gear, whatever run it out, a chalk bag, nuthin, water, suck it up, your jacket, move fast, but a shoe?  Who drops a shoe?  Honestly?  You’d think with 13 years experience I’d know better than to dangle my shoes off the ends of my feet like that.  Chalk it up.  Lesson learned.  ha ha.  A very cold lesson.

Tomorrow is a new day, the Flat Iron’s beckon.  Sport Clipping.  Hell Ya.  Enjoy the pics below.


When you gotta go – you gotta go.


Ben Moon just minutes before he lead the 4th (and last pitch of the day).  We just weren’t prepared for the WIND.  Not fun.


Okay it was a little fun.  At least I had my new patagonia sweater to test.  The thing saved my life.


On the ground, Team Rejected (that’s us) realizing that it never seems that bad when you get back to the car.  It’s like, “what the fuck, why were we such pansies?”  But then you look up and see the snow flurries whipping around in giant circles only 200 feet off the deck and you realize, the coffee shop is a better place to be.  ha ha ha.  Me, Andy, Ben and Jesse.