on the road again,

Right now in drizzly Portland (the circuit gym is WICKED), tomorrow I’m in Eugene, (read below) then on route to the center of the Universe, Boulder CO.  I hope it’s not snowing too much.  The mountain passes could easily shut down the ol’Yaris.  Easily. I hope everyone is gettin out and having fun.  See you on the flipside.


  • geo

    What do you think about that flyer saying “one of modern climbing’s Best rock climbers”.

    Not to dispute your abilities, just wondering how, if, that statement strikes you.

  • jf

    if you’re going down I-5, stop in Medford (Phoenix) and go to the Rogue Rock Gym =) they’d probably shit their pants..

  • clint from Jasper

    hey Sonnie, Sarah and I are headed down to California from Van tomorrow so if we make it to Eugene in time we’ll come check this out……

  • KG Eaves

    any chance you video or record your talk in eugene? think it’d be cool to post on here.

  • Ben

    The best climber is the one who’s having the most fun.

  • squamish stu

    Ben you took the words right out of my mouth

  • 5.10 kevin

    Nice Sonnie! cool running into you all at the Circuit! that gym is LEGIT! have safe travels, and if you’re near SoCal come by the offices and say hey…we could get out to Josh, Tahquitz, or whatev’s.

  • Hey Sonnie,

    I’m an amateur climber and photographer from Patagonia, Argentina (although currently living near Buenos Aires).

    Ever since the cobra crack footage in “Fist Ascent” I’ve always found your pictures and video clips very inspiring!

    Please check out my photos at: http://auzal.blogspot.com,

    thanks and good climbing!

  • geo

    I agree with you Ben and Squamish stu. Because ‘best’ could be read as most skilled or hardest routes, and is a competitive term, I was wondering what Sonnie thought about it being on the flier. To me who the best(most skilled, or hardest or scariest route) is, as if this could be objectively established, is totally irrelevant. I was really grossed out by the peter mortimer/bigUp hybrid: progression because it was so focused on hardness and who the best is and what the most dangerous climb was and thats not what climbing is about to me at all. I mean, I’m not saying it can’t be about that for some people but peter mortimer(narrated progression)’s movies seem to emphasize this ego aspect and I think that is just going to bring a lot of jock attitude into climbing, and the possibility for connection will be forgotten/overlooked/marginalized.