$1,632,989,142.00 Worldwide?

So we just watched the Second and Third sequel to the first Matrix and I am completely in AWE.

I have to go and put a silver bullet in my head now.

What an enormous pile of shit.

pathetic mounds of twaddle.

Both of them.


  • Word. I concur.

  • Paul

    Agreed. Pure brilliance with the first… and utter garbage followed.

  • mayfield

    2nd and 3rd sequel? I’m pretty sure they only made 2 sequels to that first one.

  • so true…especially that rave scene!

  • nathan

    twaddle, good word.

  • Richard

    Laughed out loud Sonnie, a very eloquently put review. I thought it was just me that believed the sequels were garbage. Though I dare say you’ll have upset the Matrix fanboys that think the trilogy is some kind of religious experience…

  • Steve

    The matrix films are like cakes, you should ALWAYS stop after the first one.

  • pete

    i am completely in awe of you not watching them until now! you do know they made a couple of little sequels to Star Wars, right?

  • tomb

    I’ve heard/read/etc. so many people say this that, to this day, i have yet to even hold those two movies in my hand, let alone put them in a dvd player and watch them.

    as far as i know…the matrix ended brilliantly and that’s that.

  • Frank

    TOTALLY UNRELATED…I’m baffled by the fact you’ve not mentioned the passing of Dave Waggoner, Alien Inventor.

  • Sonnie


    Thanks for the comment, honestly, I don’t know what to say yet. I just heard the news two days ago. crazy. I don’t know any details yet, but it’s certainly a sad day for the climbing world at large. He was a brilliant mind, a dedicated climber, and a passionate soul, no doubt. Perhaps there will be more to follow. If anyone has any information, or links, please share.

  • Karn

    So, wait, you watched the second one, and then CONTINUED onto the third one ?? 🙂