Good news and better news.

The good news is that the weather is clearing here in Kentucky, even after two days of monsoon like rain, the Motherload was still dry and very climbable.  Spirits were high and more and more people are rolling into Miguel’s Pizza for a day, a week and even a month of climbing.  November is the ULTIMATE season.  It would be nice to come back and session again soon.  I fell off the last hard move of a tasty 5.14a today, which was totally unexpected and great for my psyche.  I just need a lttle more power, endurance and power endurace, ha ha.

The better news is that Will Stanhope and Jason Kruk are having a slide show.  Check it out.  If you’re within at least 500 miles of Bend Oregon next week then GO, they’ll have you laughing and crying and locking up your women.  Plus, Smith Rock is one of the best climbing destinations in the world.  So load up your subaru, grab yourself a latte (use a reusable cup) and hit the road for the birth spot of sport climbing. You can thank me later.

  • Zac Thomas


    It’s so freaking epic that you are/were in Kentuck. I live in the northern end, close to cincinnati, OH and have gotten pretty big into climbing. Still a major noob but itching to learn. I’ve been trying to climb in gyms and stuff but still no outdoor adventures unfortunately (still in High School….sadness). I wanna get out to red river gorge soon and maybe someday I’ll see you there. That would be epic too! but anyway, thought I’d share that with you. Do you even reply to these or just read them? oh well, hope to see ya around!