Speaking of lame…

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….here is my latest lame climbing video with some not so lame Canadian Climbers.  We went down to Hueco in Dec of 2008, 6 of us rented a mini van and climbed for 9 days as much as we could.  Awesome fun trip.  Hope you enjoy the clip and if any of you bump into Lauren Hill, please tell her I’m sorry I used her music, and that one day I hope she stops being so angry with everything, life is gooood ya?

Hueco 2008! from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • Fraser

    Great wee video Sonnie! Hueco is one of the (many) inspirational venues which I hope to get to some day. This just really whetted the appetite again, thanks.

  • Good shit!!

  • Ryan J

    Chris Hale sighting! RIP buddy, we miss you.

  • Life’s not goooood, it’s wonderful man! 🙂 Thanks for the cool Video and have a good recovery! Cheers from Switzerland!

  • Apes