Apple Bottom Jeans!

The fact that a 6 year old is dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that he may in fact be demonically possessed by the devil himself and still they just dance, no Roman Priests, no Shamanic healers, no psychiatrists, just dancing.  Somebody get on the phone, either call the Church, or a casting agent.  Either way, enjoy this clip.  Just make sure you’re not recovering from an appendectomy or it may sting a little.  But then again it’s probably worth it.  holy shit. I think he just spanked himself.  It’s definitely worth it….watch now….

  • Danny

    Its the best when you watch it without the sound.. no offense to Tpain, its just funny.

  • Neel

    W… T… F… ???

  • elias

    that’s what i call….HAVING SOME OUTRAGEOUS FUN!!!

  • J V

    I will never be this good.

  • coolhandluke

    SMACK! … hahaha

  • O for Awesome!

  • oh my god. you’re my hero.

  • Apes

    Who knew gingers could dance…

  • Mike

    I don’t get it… just looks like another Saturday night to me.

  • oh man, seriously?
    you posted this – couldn’t get enough, eh? how about that treadmill one we watched – you should def share that one with the world.