expect the unexpected

YO YO YO!  I was gonna post a picture of me in my hospital bed, looking all tired and shit, ( like I did on facebook ha ha)  but that’s lame, nobody wants to see tired, they wanna see pumped, and I’m pumped, last year I kicked malaria, this year, I kicked a ruptured appendix.  So a to izzo, life is good.  Even with a bad haircut and a few shedded pounds.

It’s been less than two full days since I’ve been released from the Squamish General Hospital.  A ruptured appendix.  No joke.  Apparently that shit is serious.  I read an article that said, nearly half of all people die from an untreated ruptured appendix.  I was in the hospital two days after it happened, oblivious to what was really going on down there.  I had discomfort yes, but was still climbing and hiking and the like, but when I lost my appetite, and took a day off work to “rest” my girlfriend said, “Go to the hospital today”.

I did, and was in surgery just 4 hours later.  Now, this is a fairly common thing, 1 out of every 10 (roughly) North Americans will deal with this at some point in their lives.  It’s caused by some bacteria (often times from traveling to foreign countries, but could also be from a poor diet) getting trapped in the appendix and thus, getting infected, swollen and well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

My problem was that they had to dig out the nasty bits, and that meant cutting the abdominal wall open a further two inches around the side of my body and digging under the large intestine.  Now the body, NEVER, EVER wants to be cut open, and it doesn’t like too much digging I suspect as well, but hey, may as well do it right the very first time, no sense in half assing this kinda stuff eh?

So, now it’s over and it’s all good, two days of Morphine and T3’s, two days of laying in bed, two days of a liquid diet, that’s nuthin, it’s the 4 week recovery period that nearly broke my heart.  The temps in Squamish are of PRIMO QUALITY as of late, the humidity will drop a tad bit, the temps will drop too and the rock is soon to become of the velcro sort.  The “I’m gonna send everything today in my flip flops” sort of tackyness I was waiting for.

But now this, the unexpected side swiped me again, (sometimes I feel both blessed and cursed at the same time) and layed me out during the one month I was banking on being “ALL MINE“.  No fucking appointments, no flights to catch, the work to do, no responsibilities at all. Like a roadtrip in my own backyard.  Oh the heart ache, but I’ll say this,

1.  I have faith it’s going to be a long, terrific fall season, so four weeks is nuthin in the grand scheme.  respect to Ethan pointdexter Pringle, and Dave Graham.

2.  This period will give me much time to work on the writing and photography that’s been neglected.  Sorry Justin.

3.  My desire to climb again will be raging in four weeks, which means I’ll hit the ground running.

4.  To all of those rad peeps out there in hospitals and recovery rooms, “this too shall pass” and we’ll all be out there running around free and wild and kicking up dust before we even know it.  So hang on tight, the future is bright.

This photo has nothing to do with this post excpet, I got a thing for GRILLS and thought you’d dig it too.  I was hiking in an old forest a week ago and saw these abandoned cars,  the lion is the shit.  Best wishes to all and thanks for reading.

  • elias

    yo! good to read you’re alright man…we all know this kind of situations suck but hey!!! you’re still a very lucky human being. have fun.

  • Suradetch

    Glad you are ok. I’m sure it will be a quick four weeks for you. That’s a nice car by the way. It’s just screaming for a brighter future, like it’s saying “take me home with you!”

  • Adam

    hope you have a speedy recovery!

  • Danny


  • evan

    good to know youre alive and well. keep us posted on the recovery and laziness. take some time to recenter and do some reading. also, you should give us a shot of that war wound in your side if its any good.

  • all the best from spain

  • Rich Wheater

    Harsh tokes Captain. rest up and eat lots of yoghurt. You’ll be pinnin’ it in no time. ::))

  • ktmt

    This lined up exactly with your one-month block of free time. Crazy! Makes you wonder what the Universe is sayin’ to you??

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Stray Cat

    Breathe in peace
    Breathe out worry
    Your insides will heal
    In a hurry
    I hope your nurse
    Was not a beatch
    I hope the morphine
    Did not make you itch
    Who I am
    You don’t have a clue
    From reading your posts
    You make us care about you

  • Steve Traversari

    That superman tattoo is real fitting. Glad to see you’re good.

  • pete woods

    i heard, that one time, Sonnie Trotter ruptured his own appendix, just to see what it was like… 🙂

    heal up quick.

  • M

    Point #4 is great. That 4 weeks will probably be 2.

  • Roger

    I’ll drink an Innis and Gunn to a speedy recovery!

  • sonnie

    Thanks everybody, really. Thanks. See you on the rocks.