Hey All,

So I thought about having a pic of the week section, dedicated to the funny, weird and “just cause” stuff I see during my wanderings.  I’ll start with this one and we’ll see if it gets any reactions.  I took this three days ago while walking to my workshop.  I laughed so hard.  Also, if you’re in the area tomorrow, or you know somebody who is, come by the Okanagan Heritage Museum in Kelowna at 7pm and check out my slide show,  I’m doing a lecture about…drum roll please…climbing rocks.  Maybe it should be more about falling off rocks, I do more of that anyway.

  • That’s awesome. “OBO” in this case means “I’ll pay you to take it”? 🙂

    The family & I are going to the Okanagan this weekend… climbing rocks is on the agenda. No encore performances for your show, I guess.

    PS, how did it go on U-wall that day after the thunderstorm?

  • Lee

    Obviously there was a free Oboe sitting on the chair. Of course it was snatched up before you got there. People love a free Oboe.

  • Steve Traversari

    Good one, Lee!!!
    Sonnie, how aboutr adding a photo section to your site?

  • rich wheaties

    dood ya look so serious and real in that poster. Way to pull it off!

  • jackie

    that pic is rather funny. what’s better though? your face at the minstrel when they set that salmon dish in front of you!
    oh man wish i had my camera. hilarious. much thanks sonnie for supporting us in re-defining what a museum can be.
    rock on.