Somehow I got sucked into doing a photography slideshow tonight at the Brew Pub here in Squamish BC.  It’s part of the five day Mountain Fest they throw on here every year with climbing clinics, lectures, movies and slideshow party’s.  Tonight is the event they call the “STEEP SHOT” contest.  Basically, they invite five photographers to come in and put together a 5 minute multimedia presentation coordinated with music.  There are three judges and the best performance overall wins the event.  Last years champion Keith Ladzinski has been invited back to defend his title, but he’s got some stiff competition, Andrew Burr, Cory Richards and Susanica Tam.  As for me,  well,  I think I’m the wild card, the local guy they felt sorry for, who didn’t have to pay for travel, who got invited only to make these other photographers look really good.  But whatever, I’m perfectly okay with that,  I get to share some images, crank some Nirvana and watch the event for free while guzzling free pints of beer.  The only thing I hope is that I don’t make a complete fool of myself because of course, as I do, I was climbing all the time procrastinating the shit out of this project, until I had no other choice but to sit down at 11pm the night before it was due and pump it out.  I stayed awake until 5am to get er done.  So tired.  Fingers crossed.  Fingers crossed.  ha ha ha.

You see the thing is, I’m not a photographer at all,  the other peeps in this contest however, are, and are very talented and hard working photographers.  They all have $5000 camera’s, (or more), they all travel the world non-stop for photo’s, they all work with the BEST climbers and athletes in the business and they all jug lines daily to get in the best location.  Me, I’m a climber who more often than not is on the other side of the lens, and who sometimes takes pictures with my $500 camera.  BIG difference.  ha ha.  But we all love climbing, we all love being outside and the truth is we all love to capture rare moments and share them with the world. Besides, it’s going to be fun as all hell and I hope everyone can come out and be inspired by these truly moving pictures tonight.

On that note, allow me to share two pictures I took yesterday during an early morning hike up the Chief, 7am start, the forest came alive to say hello and to greet me with it’s enchanting light.  I love the Squamish forest.  Hope you enjoyit too.

Sonnie T.

  • Dan

    I really like the first shot. Great light!

  • Gorgeous fotos! Like being lost in a daydream and feeling so free!

  • Nancy

    Yes, they do work with the best climbers in the world, and YOU are one of them, Sonnie! My evidence lies in that amazing shot Cory took of you in Scotland last year, coming off, that graces any number of publications, including the Patagonia 2009 calendar. I intend to frame that page when the year is done and put it where I’ll see it every day to remind me what a rush it is to be ALIVE! 🙂

    You might not have the $5000 camera, but your photos inspire me every day and beautifully enhance your insightful and eloquent writing which never fails to make me smile with joy, cry in sympathy, and sigh in wonder.

    Have fun tonight! 🙂

  • Dude your fotos is teh r0xx0r.

  • Travis

    Just out of curiosity…what kind of $500 camera do you shoot with?

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful shots man. I love photography, and climbing, and your combination of them is awesome!

  • Danny

    check this video out sonnie, i know you’ll like it..


  • elias

    beautiful pics of god.

  • phil

    hey sonnie – you have the best blog ever