On Yoga!

Last week the patagonia blog posted Lydia’s short account of her first experience wearing a wet suit.  After reading it I was quite moved and so I’m posting it here because I think many of you will enjoy this….


I don’t know when it started for me, but somehow, over the last ten years, yoga as a practice has melted into everything I do, as a continuous flow. My favorite translation of the Sanskrit word Yoga implies that everything is already united. The practice part is learning how to pay attention to this wholeness in every waking moment.

Yoga usually starts with the most perceptible and tangible aspects of life: breathing and the body. The way people experience yoga in our culture today is usually in a studio setting where one is led through a sequence of postures to promote health and wellbeing. However, the practice of yoga does not have to be confined to a formal room or an hour-and-a-half time slot. It can be as simple as the act of listening. When playing outside, it’s amazing to me how this mindset can unmask a dull experience and expose a brilliant one. It has been a way for me to realize that boredom doesn’t exist.

(To read the rest of this essay go to the patagonia website)

  • Stray Cat

    Thanks for posting. I appreciate everything Lydia expressed. Made me think more about being “united” rather than untied. Please thank Lydia for sharing. I hope she enjoyed surfing. It is a way for me to find Zen . . .

  • Sonnie, I like your thoughts on yoga man and totally agree with you there.

  • agreed, and I find that you can get the same results from climbing as Lydia speaks of about in yoga. Sport Climbing, I find for me just has a lot more distractions that take time to learn how to deal with and remove 🙂

    nice essay, thanks for sharing it

  • Beautiful and poetic and moving description. I love yoga and human form, and Lydia’s take on it felt inspiring.

    ‘I can only hope that more people can slip into these real moments where there is a feeling that everything is already perfect.’