No rumors, just pictures!

The Trade Show and stuff.

The Conservation Alliance gathering. 7:30am.  AWESOME.  Is all I can say.  The more I learn about the Freedom to Roam campaign the more excited I get.  Basically it’s about getting smart people together and making shit happen.  This group is making sure the right people in the highest places are saving our worlds most precious resources.  Basically the idea to connect these wild places so that animals can continue to migrate north and south east and west the way they have for hundreds of thousands of years.

Some people showed up the Conservation Alliance with throw away coffee cups, which was funny and maybe a bit ironic because the company that is trying to reduce our footprint on the world supplied free coffee to everyone and offered nice ceramic reusable mugs to go along with it. This particular throw away looks cheap, like it was brought down from a hotel room, and those hands, oh my, so feminine.

Ben Moon and Me, making faces before the lights go out and the speech begins.  Speaking of coffee, maybe too much?

My buddy’s Will Stanhope and Jason Kruk just can’t keep their hands off each other!   I’m not sure I support this entirely, but they are now adults and can make responsible decisions on their own.  We wish them well.

This year the Five Ten booth stepped it up with an upstairs board room…. DAMN.  It’s got a sick sleek look, a young fresh face and if I haven’t told you already, we are turning the world of shoes upside down, (climbing and otherwise), so hold on TIGHT.

These are called Killah Ass Shoes, and if they aren’t they should be.  You’ll know when I’ve arrived to the cliff, I’ll be kickin it in a pair of these bad boyeez!   Word.

This is a great picture of the back of Steve House‘s head, signing the last of his books for the day.   Get a copy, it’s a collectors item. I held the autographed version for Walter Bonnati in my hand without even realizing it.  Between the two of them, they’ve climbed at least 2 or 3 good mountains I’m sure.  Notice the drooling fan coming in for a last ditch effort to get some ink?   What a stalker.

Even the booth has class.  Some worker bees scuttling around “THE” booth.  Notice the red carpet.

I’m pretty sure I know this guy, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

The future is now, Dario Ventura of the famous Miguels Pizza Enterprises stands tall and supervises the free pizza party at the Petzl booth, he’s making sure things remain in an orderly fashion and with any luck he won’t have to “bounce” any ol lady’s.

“dude throw me a slice, I’m back here, I’m open”,  Ammon’s sons looking to make it big in a hungry mob.

A believer.  A very, very excited and strong believer.

I was thinking it would fun to tie all these together and jump off a bridge.  Super psyched on those 8.2’s.

Somebody’s got to lock that biner, it’s just incredibly unsafe in that position.

This is why the ladies love Scott Milton.  A mysterious rupture in his middle finger is a minor set back for this rockstar,  he’s still pulling down small holds a long ways.  Anybody have any suggestions? cortazone?  Click to enlarge.  Oooh, bad joke.  Get it?  But seriously.

Andrew Burr checking all the catalogs for photographs he took, gotta make sure the ganstars ain’t ripping him off.  Check out his sick pics.

  • steve

    Hah, look at the sharmonster trying to look all normal out and about the show. Any minute andrada will turn on the “Sharma Signal” and he’ll be off to crush another 9b.

    Awesome photos sonnie keep up the great posts.

  • How unsurprising to see Dario with a beer in his hand!

  • Lee

    Ahh, feel like I’m there. Great pics. Hope you jumped on that screwgate issue.

  • Apes

    Is that SHAG carpet???

  • Sonnie

    Oh don’t you wish it was shag carpet you filthy little…..

  • max

    Good to know that there’s still one lovely couple in the climbing world (sharma Ojeda)

  • Frank Waters

    Sonnie- hope you’re having a nice summer, Squamish, yoga girl, sounds like its a safe bet, that BD biner looks like the OZ model if it matters to anyone. Laters