her father was a rolling stone….

Today I’m going to Salt Lake City for the bi-annual Outdoor Retailers Trade Show.  I have a new camera since last week, the Canon G10 point and shoot thingy.  It’s rad.  I’ll be sure to take lots of annoying pictures and post them, partly because I’ll be bored, mostly because there’s going to be a pile of rock star celebrities to hound, but also cause there’s some really cool shit happening – from gear design, to clothing lines – and you deserve to know about it the very second it happens, that’s my job, to bring the world I see as it unfolds into your life via this computer screen, well that and to risk my health on inverted granite.  Okay I gotta go board the jet plane now,  but stop by tonight, and tomorrow for an industry update.  Any special requests? An interview with any of the divorced climbing couples for example?  How about Odub, he’s always got something controversial and real to say?   It’s gonna be fun.  Maybe I’ll see you there….

I took this pic with my new shutter box, last week, when I was on a different plane, one of thousands.