Too hot for kletter, a good day for tennis!

It’s warm today in Squamish, about 26 degrees and the sun is sitting plump, high in the sky. It’s a no shoes, no shirt day, yesterday was even warmer, I think they said 30. It’s hard to motivate in the heat, you just know everything’s going to feel like shit. Besides, my knee is still sore and I can’t hike up to my projects just yet. The most accessible projects I have need a 4×4 truck, which I don’t own, so there won’t be any of that today either. It’s more of a sit around, play Tennis, a game of Bocce Ball, drink some beers and let go of the tension kinda day. So, before I go get my rackets, I’m going to post this new video. It’s actually an old video, but it’s new for this site and for vimeo, facebook took it off because I used a Bob Dylan song. CRAP. It’s basically me screaming like a little chicken, trying to find a way to jam up the horrendous cracks of Master Blasters 12 foot overhanging roof, the absolute WORST ring locks I’ve ever felt. Painful in every way. I even managed to break off the only good foot hold there was, which made the damn thing even harder. Hope you enjoy it. Luv serving 30.

Sonnie Trotter, Master Blaster, 5.13c/d from Sonnie Trotter on Vimeo.

  • Did Ben do the FA of this thing?

  • Nice one almost looks like fun climbing… everything but the crack climbing part!

    Good job.

  • sonnie

    Yah, Seattle Ben did it first and Lauren Lee and I made the second and third ascents that day. Good fun.

  • andyb

    coooool! Just made a rainy day in England a bit more interesting! Like the moves on that. Nice toons too.

  • luv

    Hi Sonnie,
    Once again you’ve out done yourself with this blogging! Seeing you on this climb with unedited footage of you falling, saying take and general mishaps then dynoing and hanging one armed is inspiring. It shows a well rounded aspect of hard climbing. Rather then the usual edited climbs of ‘sending’ footage which leaves the mere mortal wondering how do they do it with such ease? This is really insightful and much more endearing.


  • Geez Sonnie, still with the copyrighted music. You kids never learn, listen to your unqualified legal advice in the future.