A bit cloudy this weekend and a bit of rain (finally), much cooler than it’s been in the past as well. Which is good if you’re trying to send your projects. My mom and dad were in town, so I had to hang up the shoes for the weekend myself, but someone else was out there representing. Now I’m usually not down with reporting news much anymore, I used to a bit because I was on the road more and I was more involved with who was doing what, when and how hard, but this year I don’t care as much, and since I’ve decided to stay more local I don’t feel right by reporting other peoples news all the time, I leave that up to you.  But in this case, I’ll make an exception, I am SUPER stoked to report that yesterday Will Stanhope made the FIFTH ascent of the direct fissure known as the Cobra Crack. SA-WEEEEET. I will release a video of his highpoint tomorrow, but wasn’t there to capture the full ascent. A nice overhead heel hook and a slip from the lip is the highlight, but maybe I can convince him to reshoot it, we’ll see? Congrats Will you continue to inspire us all, you’re my hero dude, keep ticking them off, one by one. For those of you who don’t know this about Will, he has now officially climbed harder on gear than he has on bolts. His previous hardest redpoint was a sport 5.13d sport climb, but like he, I think he got bored with clip ups and quickly moved on. This 22 year old has now ticked two 5.13+ gear routes and now his first 5.14. BIG UP to the white pages. He’s sort of like the Canadian version of Leo Houlding, but without the Audi.

On a side note, we’ve had the Test of Metal bike race here in Squamish this weekend, they say it’s one of the busiest weekends of the summer, good to see all the peeps coming out for that and getting all muddy. Maybe next year they’ll add wrestling to the program? Okay I gotta go, the Yoga Studio here is hosting a 108 sunsalutations evening to raise money for a dear friend and her battle against cancer. It’s officially the longest day of the year, or the shortest night depending on what your counting and it’s a celebration to welcome the change. I’m not sure I can do them all, that’s about 98 more than I’ve ever done in one session, but dammit if I ain’t going to try. So much going on these days I can’t keep up. Check ya later.