Just an update!

For those of you who don’t know, there is an EXCELLENT blog/website dedicated to our three friends who went missing in China on June 3rd, I know this won’t turn back the clock, but it does help to know exactly what’s going on. It helps to see and view and read all about the people who loved them and pitched in to help the search. The list is too long to mention, but their efforts are appreciated greatly. Please check out the site and while visiting consider making a donation to the search fund if you can. www.adventurefilm.org

Please enjoy this video I found on the site, I’m sorry if you’ve seen it already, I just think it’s wonderful to share their fire with as many people as possible. Thanks again to all the hardworking people who helped put this together, it brought a ray of sunlight into my living room this week.

Tribute to Jonny, Micah and Wade (updated) from Ben Alexandra on Vimeo.

  • Danny

    dang, its hard to find words…

  • Sonnie

    It’s true, there really aren’t any.