If I haven’t said this before, I have way too may projects on the go. This week was a killer. I’ve been trying to kick a gnarly ear infection but at the same time trying to climb as much as possible. I climbed the Chief three times last week, once guiding, the other two times trying to uncover a 4 pitch classic free climb, but these things take a while to happen, not just overnight, I need to practice patience. I bouldered a few V10’s, a V11 and put up a new V8, also, I bolted a new climb out by Furry Creek, which is going to be sensational, and hard and closely inspected 2 others.  So today I am feeling a little run down, and I’m glad because I probably wouldn’t rest otherwise. So, with all this physical activity, I find my mind to be exhausted as well, not very much creativity. So I’ll post a video for all you out there who enjoy working the bar from time to time. A little kick in the ass to remind you to keep training. There’s a long road of improvement ahead of you, ahead of all of us. Check this out these guys are very impressive, and I hope everyone is getting out , exploring, climbing, and sun bathing or whatever.

  • Something else to think about Sonnie… That perfect campus board setup I was asking about a while ago… 🙂

    Thanks Dude!

  • ct

    I used to climb with the guy in the top video. He could hike 5.12 and flash v6, but never learned how to use his feet! I do remember how envious I was watching him campus through steep crux sections though…

  • kristy

    what’s happened to your misus? You haven’t mentioned her lately!! Hope all’s good with you two.