Austin, Texas!

So I am currently in Austin Texas, which is like an Oasis for the state, the people here are incredibly friendly, funky, and creative.  They say ‘Keep Austin Weird’, and that is being achieved around every corner I go.   It seems like every person here wants to know your story, where you’re from, how you enjoy your visit and if they can help in any way, bring you home for dinner and some fried pies.

In fact our Shuttle driver last night was so friendly, he even asked us if anyone minded the heavy metal music he was listening too,  no objections here I said.  He didn’t want us to waste any time in the van, so he did about 65-70 in most 35 zones.  He was very concerned for us, and made sure we got to the hotel as soon as humanly possible, something I appreciated at least, but i think it freaked out the ladies in the row ahead of me.  It wasn’t the near rear ending, or the multiple red lights he ran, I think it was when he passed a bus on the inside by entering a merging lane that really set them off, he near;y bought himself a side view mirror.  At the hotel I flipped him two George Washingtons and went about my way to the pleasant sound of screeching tires.  After checking into my room with was arctic and blasting with AC, I freed up my toes with some flip flops and headed the district of 6th Ave.  Imagine, pizza joints, saloons, tatoo parlors and 1 dollar shots. Imagine every kid in University on one street.  But again, there was a friendliness about every single one, no fight ensued, no weird vibes, just a group of young punks looking to pick up and some of the best live music I’ve heard in years.  JT Coldfire, what a voice, what a Sax player, bass, drums, amazing. I stayed for longer than I should have when they started playing BB King covers and Stevie Ray Vaughn songs.

I think I’m allergic to the Cedar around here, woke up feeling prity groggy, but I’m working on my second cup of peppermint tea to kick it.  The Hideout, a funky artistic coffee shop on 7th.  I wish there were more unique establishments like this in Squamish.  They’re coming.   I have a slide show to do tonight, at the new (6 months old) Patagonia retail store on 4th Ave.  Looking forward to it, it’s a beautiful store and I like the vibe a lot.  Like all the rest.  The show starts at 7:30pm I believe, looking forward to showing some new stuff, some older stuff, but to a new crowd entirely.  I love hearing about new climbs, so I guess I should return the favor and talk about my stuff too.  Okay times up here.  Hope ya’ll having a great week.
Sonnie Trotter

  • austin is notorious for its airborn allergens. perhaps this explains your pre-peppermint grogliness?

    happy travels.


  • andy chasteen

    Austin is close to my ground Sonnie. Good place. I’m sure by now you have heard of the spots to go to get a quick rock fix, so I’ll spare the unoriginal banter. Good times, be had….

  • Danny

    I dont know if this is true or not, but I’ve heard to help with allergies anywhere, is to find and consume delicious local honey. Makes sense to me, since local bees are the guys helping pollinate everything driving your sinuses into chaos. Dang, honey is a crazy super food now that I’m looking at the facts.

  • James

    Ahh, Austin. The last liberal stronghold in Texas. Looking forward to spending time there in a few weeks (and of course hit up Pace Bend). Enjoy!