The Truth!

Ya’ll know Five Ten Kicks Ass, I certainly don’t need to be spraying about that (again), but I will say that this time they’ve gone ahead and taken it to a whole ‘nother level of Ass Kickingness with the new STEALTH PAINT KIT. If you haven’t seen this or tried this, WTF are you waiting for? It’s an absolute must, especially if you enjoy climbing up rocks for a good time. And if you’re here, I’m assuming you do, unless of course you’re an up and coming pole dancer looking for fresh moves? For that, see “From the Federation” below. But stealth paint, offers a completely new way to protect your shoes, add stability, longevity and yah, stickiness too. It’s a ‘do it yourself’ kit that turns any shoe into a bat hanging, toe jamming, stone crushing freak of the industry, it won’t surprise me if you bag your proj on the next go either, not in the least. Maybe then you can score a date too, and if that happens, thank Kevin here for the smooth instructional video. He shows you how easy it is to transform the Mocs into killing machines, a rare breed of shoes that “REAL” ninjas don’t want you to know about. Poor little Ninjas. Anyway, the secret is out now, and FIVE TEN still holds the title for the most innovative shoe company on the market, easily, I almost feel bad for the other companies playing catch up all the time, they try so hard. For the video click here or HERE.

  • Sonnie, I gots ta ask: what’s with all the colored font usage lately? Drivin’ me batty.

  • Sonnie

    Must be a glitch in the system. Doesn’t bother me so much, thought the orange was fitting because of the topic being discussed, ‘paint’. Too far? I rather enjoy it. Shades of gray are so boring and dull, makes me want to stand on top of large buildings. Maybe I’ll tone it down a bit, ha ha, besides the novelty is wearing off….

  • Felix

    I agree with Julian on the colors…

    Something (slightly more) on topic: Has anyone thought about dipping a finger into the stealth rubber paint? Imagine the friction on coarse sandstone and the nasty smell of solvents and rubber will probably not last that long… 😉

  • Sonnie

    Okay okay, two against one, I get it, you guys suck. Back to “normal”.

    As for the finger dipping, not too shabby, why don’t you try it and let us know how it works Felix, I’ll give you $25 bucks Canadian if you post a short clip on youtube. If it works, imagine what you could do with the back of your hands at Indian Creek? Or what about knee baring at Rifle? Remember when sticky rubber was first introduced? Everyone said it was cheating (and to some degree, it is), but man isn’t climbing WAY more fun with a good pair of shoes? Is Stealth Paint going to revolutionize climbing again? Does is have the potential? I wonder, should be interesting.

  • ryan

    is it just me or is there a bit of sarcasm in the statement that five ten is the most innovative company out there? I mean let’s be serious, for a long time they have been the unchallenged number ONE in the market, however, meanwhile la sportiva has been catching up fast and suddenly everyone seems to be wearing ‘solutions’ (‘course with d. woods nicely doing the advertising and all that) and all that five ten has come up with has been either stopping production for good shoes (v10 slippers, the way old anasazi lace-ups or anasazi velcros) and replacing them with weird new ones (jet7, piton and god-knows-what-kind-of-atrocity like the prism sole design thing…).
    well, that was enough mournful hindsight about my old climbing-shoe memories…. good grief I must be getting old…

  • jay trent

    what about the project ryan?

  • Mike

    going to pull a Farah Faucett and paint myself with this stuff for the offwidth /squeeze chimney circuit.

  • Vlad


    There’s nothing innovative about stealth paint. Surfer Bob was telling me how to do this a while back in order to protect the 5.10 mocassyms from crack abrasion. You don’t even need to buy anything special. All you need is some barge cement and an old pair of climbing shoes to use for rubber shavings. Just an old idea commercialized. If 5.10 was such a good company they would just have shoes that you don’t have to mess with yourself to make them better.

  • sonnie

    Nice moves boys, V grumpy almost and yah, I’m sure most people have a stack of barge cement just laying around VW. I realize by saying that I was leaving myself open for an onslaught of opposition, but it still doesn’t change the way i feel. Five Ten has been a leader ever since the beginning and yes, some things haven’t worked out, while others were crushing successes. No sarcasm at all. The term innovation means “a new way of doing something”, in this, Five Ten is always striving and I am always impressed. They take risks, and are putting their heart and soul into the best climbing footwear on the market, I can’t speak for everyone obviously, but I owe many of my best most memorable climbing moments to my footwear. Agree to disagree I guess.

  • Sam

    does this stuff actually work? it turns out perfectly on the little instruction video but Ive seen pics elsewhere where it looks all bubbly and disgusting. I just ordered and dont really know what to expect…

  • Vlad

    Sorry, didn’t mean to sound grumpy. I own two pairs of mocassyms and love those shoes! I mostly climb in them actually, but I only use them for sport climbing and for the gym. I kind of wish they had something like the “finished product” in the instructional videos that you posted that you could buy ready for crack climbing.

  • Sam

    Got the stealth paint and used it on some mocs. The video is extremely deceiving and it is much harder than it looks. I’m pretty good with crafty stuff, and it was still pretty tough. Looks pretty good and I am happy with it, but do not expect for it to look like the video pair the first go around. Testing these out at the gym tomorrow..see how they climb.