From the Federation!

Ya’ll remember that video I posted of Dominic Laccase doing the human flag?  ya well…BORING, in comparison to these lovely ladies.  So check it out, this is um…very impressive.  I didn’t even realize they had competitions for stuff like this, but these girls make most of us climbers look like real pathetic losers.  They dress better for one, they act much more professional and they are stronger than Pure Wrought Iron.  A friend of mine sent me this clip, so now we’re going to go out and buy sparkling bikini’s this weekend and take one of the Poll Dancing Workshops in (where else) NEW YORK, NEW YORK, anyone wanna join us? Odub?

  • leeper

    Jesus. I think I should stop skipping yoga… and get my whole paycheck cashed in ones.

  • Matt

    A “friend” sent you this? Admit it Sonny, you have been trawling Youtube since I told you I had seen strippers do those Dominic moves! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us.

  • Sonnie

    Ha ha ha, yah, of course, just trawling, all day long. ha ha. But so worth it.
    Leeper, these girls only accept fivers dude, you may have to drink domestic.

  • Erik

    pretty much the greatest thing i have ever seen.

  • leeper

    Damn, looks like I’ll be working overtime, too.

  • crap! that’s amazing!

    new training regimen takes climbing to new levels!

    get yours today!

  • CJ

    ever a fan sonny, and the post prompts the question: have you ever wondered how well other uber-athletes would climb? bruce lee comes to mind (those abs and the core control boggle the mind), and what about Philippe Petit–the guy who walked on a tightrope set up between the twin towers in nyc (check out the film ‘Man on Wire’)–he had the balance, the core strength, and the sheer nerve! amazing stuff!

  • Sam

    damn..maybe if I take up pole dancing my climbing will improve

  • Shit man, I’m in. What color you wearin so we don’t have matching bikinis?

  • Stray Cat

    I just choked on my tempeh. Impressive commitment! No hesitation. Strong core. And no chalk bag. Wow.

  • Jake

    That might be your best blog ever :), thanks for sharing that. Those ladies are unreal on so many levels.

  • wyclimber


  • Danny

    sexy time…

  • Nick

    Probably the best excuse for getting the wife a pole installed in the living room ,” I want to train on it!!!!”

  • gareth

    haha I love the way this post got way more comments than any of the climbing related ones!

  • Fraser

    ….sorry….what were you saying?

  • Sonnie

    Ha ha…nothing, nevermind.

    Gareth, is this really a surprise to anyone? Smirk.

  • Lol, yes “friend” indeed…

    Thanks for trying to save my modesty man 😀

    I like the comment about different athletes applied to climbing, just how similar is each sport anyway? How applicable are different skills? Is climbing like pole-dancing? How about break-dancing?

    I also like these women.

    A lot.


  • sonnie

    Just between me and you, I hope this pole dancing thing becomes an Olympic Sport someday. Gold, Silver and…Brass? Go Canada!