MR. CONTROVERSY.   Eminem thinks to himself, “Well, it’s been a while since I’ve put out a new album, so if I’m gonna make a comeback,  I gotta go all the way,  after all, these 24 Farrari’s ain’t gonna pay for themselves.  Shit.  I gotta shock all them muthafuggers”. And so he does.  Eminem knows how the whole VIRAL thing works. He’s got a team of Monkeys on the payroll, working around the clock to make sure everyone see’s him, hears him and hates him.   I’m willing to bet he’s got quite the I.Q. how else could he freestyle so quick?  The man’s a fast thinker, a sharp tool, but still a tool nonetheless.

I’m a fan, at least I was, I think I still am.  I like some of his music and I’ve got about 10-15 favorite tracks that can get me fired up if I need it, he makes me laugh more than anything, he’s a talented artist no doubt, I’m not here to argue that and I enjoy the way he challenges our thinking,  But how far is too far?

He knows he has to shock the world, like Marylin Manson, he has to come back with a voice so powerful that it puts him at the top again, but how?   Write a song about Drugs and Murder and create a video that pushes our society’s limitations.  What a surprise.  So original.   His latest on youtube, 3am.   And it’s not a “sense of humor” song, just straight up killing people.  wtf?   I liked the older funnier songs, where you knew he was joking, and he probably still is, this is his big joke on the world.  He knows how to shock and he knows it will spread.  Is he dark and twisted or just clever?  Anywho, he’s got us right where he wants us.  Oh and I fully realize that even by touching on this subject, I’m supporting his cause.  Doh!

I wish I could call him on his money grabbing scheme, I wish I could just say “Fuck dat –  I’m not going to get sucked into Eminems vulgar little trap.  I’ll sniff the goods, maybe, but I ain’t gonna bite.” Honestly, I’m disappointed,  I’m bummed that he feels the need to push the edge so far, I’m not sure he’s CONTENT, and that’s sad.  I think he wants to go over the top, like many people before who’ve tasted any sort of power or influence, I think he wants to be remembered as a god, but instead, he’s so close to being remembered as a shirtless douche who can’t dance and didn’t know when to stop.

But I can’t call him out, not because I have no morals, but because this video may not make it through the first week on youtube, internationally anyway.  So I’ll post it here now, and you can decide for yourself:  Is he a smart guy with a talent for poetry and rhythm or just another wanker preying on the wallets of innocent teenagers?  Is it possible he’s gone beyond his own limits as a rapper forced to change his voice (clearly just to annoy me), and falling victim to his own ego?  I dunno.  Anyone can make something dark I guess, it’s not hard.   I think Eminem is running out of ideas, does he truthfully feel good about this track, this video?   I wonder.  Opinions are important, let’s here yours if you got one. Just don’t let your kids see this.

Honestly his rapping isn’t that far off of Jim Carry’s ‘Snow’ remake, Imposter (see below).  Musically speaking at least.  Listen to both of these at the same time and see if you notice the similarities ha haha.   Tomorrow I’ll talk about climbing rocks again.  Probably.

  • Justin

    Honestly, I think he’s just making the musical equivalent to a slasher flick. He even quoted lines from Silence of the Lambs. Call me jaded but this doesn’t even raise my eyebrow. That said, I’m a big fan of well made horror films.

  • That’s Jason Kehl right?

  • Ryan J

    I am a fan of Em’s early work for pretty much all the reasons you listed. His lyical skill and cunning was above and beyond the others on the charts. That being said, i couldnt even finish listening to 3am. It wasn’t the content, i think some earlier stuff was maybe even darker/scarier. The music was hardly music and his lyrics werent even close to his own standard.

    Maybe Em has worked through his hate and rage from the early years and is having trouble regaining that ‘spark’ that drove him to such outstanding music?

  • Danny

    Silence of the Lambs fans watch this;

    Creepy but still a good beat.. hah

  • Definitely a fan of Eminem, yet my support for him and his music has wavered over the years like his career. When it was about hip hop, dope beats and lyrics, pointing out the flaws and hypocrisy’s in our society and about our ‘stars’, and being able to laugh and at the same time bob my head; that is when I supported him. The anthem songs that came later on that were outlets for his rage and emotional past turned me off. 3am seems more like an afterthought to all of those anthem songs except more of a watered down, pre-packaged, and shoved out there version. It’s funny that you posted the “Imposter” video with Jim Carey, this 3am song feels as if it is being preformed by an Eminem imposter. Eminem has thrived on our reactions to his music, but after watching this video I feel like a parent who just heard their 14 year old son/daughter proclaim they hate me because I didn’t let them spend the night at someones house. Which begs the question, ‘how far do we read into this?’. He very well could be pandering to the emotionally confused teenage crowd who look for songs like this one to justify the depressing teenage angst they struggle with on a day to day basis(not speaking for every teenager of course). Or maybe Eminem really does feel this way inside and as Sage Francis said, “Music is my only psychiatric drug…” But to me, his ‘comeback’ of late, feels like it is rooted in a last chance effort to make money, and music produced in such a way never comes off right to people who know what he is really capable of. Maybe I’m old school, but give me a fresh beat and a story teller who knows how to rhyme and I’ll be just fine.

  • it’s not about the fabric of a man, it’s about the tailor

  • Mike

    Vanilla Ice. Ice Ice Baby.

    Jim Carey is a genius there’s no question about that – In Living Color was one of the best shows at that point in time.

  • sonnie


  • Well, I was an Eminem fan before he met Dr. Dre, and I’ll be an Eminem fan forever… but the new songs are dissappointing at best. In my mind, this is the equivalent of if Chris Sharma decided to only climb on plastic from now on. What a waste of some of the most incredible skills ever developed by an emcee… makes me cringe, and makes me sad.

  • I had to come back to say this…
    More often than not, I don’t care for the singles from his albums. All of my favorites are ones that are “album tracks”. More content, less shock value.

    So, I’m sure I’ll buy this one too… and hope it has redeeming qualities.

    That said, Misty Murphy and I are releasing an album together at OR this year… you gonna be around Sonnie?

  • Sonnie

    I’ll be there man, looking forward to your release for sure. I agree with you however, that the best songs are never the hit singles. So here’s hoping. And here’s to you and Misty for all the hard work. Cheers.

  • Sonnie

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I’m still a fan, and I’m also a fan of Silence of the Lams, but the difference between the two is that ‘Silence’ is telling us an intriguing story, they’ve captured the imagination of a killer, (something I would assume is hard to do) and they’ve done it very well. Eminem mixed a pretty bad chorus with nothing more than blood stained walls, it lacks creativity and I think that’s what gets to me (and possibly others), is that we know he’s capable of telling better stories, and not just producing fluff. Then again, it’s EASY to be a critic ain’t it?

  • hrm. for me, eminem basically fell off after the unreleased beef album ‘straight from the lab’ (which is super-ill if you didn’t catch it). his more recent stuff features some really compelling beats here and there, but his delivery in the last two albums has left me wishing the old eminem would strangle the new one. seriously. a back to basics album from em would be killer. that said, i kinda like the 3 AM track. cut the chorus and i’d give it 5 stars….

  • Weeelll… I know some of this is touched on by the above commenters ( Justin, Ryan, Odub, Micah… )

    Here I go:

    a) I totally agree – this does not seem ‘funny’ like his old stuff (tho he has had dark stuff before) — this seems to be a departure from his normal stuff, a lot more… intense. an artist who is generally funny, trying for once to say something a bit more serious to the world is not uncommon (see: Adam Sandler – certain movies, Dave Chappelle, most interviews)

    b) Cinematically, technically and conceptually, 3am is high quality and seems like it was invested in heavily, not skimped on or made half-assed or without love and attention to detail.

    c) It also seems to be discussing the violence specifically committed by those “not right in the head” and medicated who “know not what they do”

    d) The whispered “breathe in / breathe out” part where his eyes are closed towards the end could be viewed as poignant advice on zen/meditation for those in need of it.

    e) Often when something controversial is released, there is a knee-jerk reaction by many (not saying you) to call it a money-grab… Interestingly though, these things are often put out by people who ALREADY HAVE more money than they could ever spend – they just don’t have any need or motivation to acquire more. They don’t seem greedy or pressured or trying to grind out product after product + merch after merch just to get cash.

    These ‘controversial’ people to me often seem more like motivated creators who are mainly interested in broadening their portfolio or skills, or experimenting further and sharing those experiments with the public.

    Which isn’t to say I defend or encourage the shock-jock types who certainly do exist, making money grabs time-after-time, only that I’d like to draw some more attention to the fact that both types of people do exist.

    f) As far as I understand, currently in our dualistic world there is no happy without sad, no love without hate, no peace without war, and maybe no loving and joyous Sonnie Trotter’s and Jason Fonceca’s without shocking/’negative’ Eminem’s + Marilyn Manson’s.

    K Sonnie, you said opinions are important and invited mine… I’m not sure if mine’s hidden up in all that rambling, but I really felt strongly like sharing some of my observations and an alternate viewpoint 🙂

    K, I’m done…
    Peace 😀

    P.S. In an interesting and unplanned contrast which may inject a little heart-touching positivity into the angst of the world, I just posted and article on my site ( if you’re interested) which highlights and reviews an absolutely beautiful, soulful video by Sigur Ros from a few years back called Svefn-G-Englar or “Sleepwalking Angels”

  • Stray Cat

    “Quick witted,
    for every lyric spitted,
    there are six critics . . . ” (No apologies)

  • Sam

    I love that jim carrey video so much..I wonder what snow is up to today

  • Niles

    I don’t dig the video but he does some innovative stuff that I like (rhyming internal vowel sounds along with the syllables that end words) I don’t dig the voice as much on 3am but check out “Insane” and “Must be the ganja”
    A fairly good write up in the NY times too –

    I think it’s a good album, Relapse 2 will be out in no time 😉