An artificial world!

In the early years, I took what I could get – and what I got was plastic grips on an indoor wall.  Climbing in the gym exposed me to comps, so I did them, partly because most of my friends were going and partly because I wanted to watch women I never met, climbing in tight lycra.  But I won’t lie, I had a lot of fun at climbing comps and I met many of my best friends there as well.  But as time wore on, I got less and less motivated by them (thank god) and more and more motivated by outdoor rock adventures.  But there is still this little boy in me that wants to compete a bit, and I find I get excited when my friends do, so I can live vicariously through them.  Right now Sean McColl (CAN) is in Austria, he did the World Cup Bouldering comp last week and placed a very impressive Ninth place, just one spot ahead of Daniel Woods.  Among 80 of the worlds strongest competition boulderers. Things may have been different had Dia, Nalle, Sharma, Nicole, or Bock had of competed too, but they didn’t and so here is the latest scoring.   Again, I am MOST impressed with Adam Ondra,  here is a 16 year old kid who does not fit the typical bouldering profile, tall and straight up skinny to the bone, who doesn’t necessarily train specifically for the little blocs, unlike most of the other men here.  Adam climbs 10 pitch 5.14’s onsight ground up, and then ticks 5.15’s ‘accidentally’ while he’s merely getting acquainted with a new crag.  So for him to switch gears and stand on his first World Cup Bouldering podium, I think that’s a pretty incredible feat.  I am constantly impressed by this little ninja.  The season is just beginning so stay tuned and I’ll report some more events as they unfold.  Congrats to all the men and women out there just givin it all.  We salute you.

1 Fischhuber Kilian 1983 AUT
2 Moroni Gabriele 1987 ITA
3 Ondra Adam 1993 CZE
4 Preti Lucas 1983 ITA
5 Shalagin Mykhaylo 1982 UKR
6 Glairon Mondet Guillaume 1986 FRA
7 Lama David 1990 AUT

8 Lachat Cédric 1984 SUI
9 McColl Sean 1987 CAN

10 Woods Daniel 1989 USA
  • Daniel

    This was the first time I watched a World Cup and it was really amazing and gave me lots of motivation to push myself onwards! While the men’s performance alone was certainly impressive, I was even more impressed by Anna Stöhr and Akiyo Noguchi who flashed all of their problems with ease, culminating in a superfinal. They flashed that problem too (of course)!

  • I, too, am constantly impressed by Ondra’s exploits, but there’s no way the dude’s a ninja. When was the last time an actual ninja allowed himself to be caught on film? That’s right: NEVER!!!! When you try to shoot video of a ninja, your camera melts and the melty camera goo burns your hands. Bad.

    So he’s not a ninja. Might be a pirate, though.

  • J V

    No way he’s a pirate. You can’t mistake a guy as a ninja and then say he’s a pirate. They are, like, polar opposites.


  • Lee

    Look at the date of births in that list. Now feel old.

  • Pascal

    I just came from the melloblocco event in Val de Mello where Adam Ondra topped all eight men’s Final boulderproblems. Amazing talent that’s for sure. In comparison V14/15 climbers Daniel Woods, Sean McColl and Nalle Hukkataival subsequently topped out 2, 2 and 3 problems. Looks like Daniel had other priorities… lol

    Great atmosphere in the valley with 6000 people and 2300 participants. Chris Sharma was on the participant list but wasn’t there unfortunately.