No comment!

There’s so much going on,  I don’t know where to start.  Completely overwhelmed lately.   Ever feel like that?

Like a perpetual game of cat and mouse, or chase the tail, it gets further away the harder you try.

I could talk about it, blog about it, or work harder and stress myself out about it.

fuck it, I think I’ll sit back and have an icy cold beer on the patio instead.

It’s what I do best,  better than anyone I think.

Possibly even better than you.

TGIF starts right now.

Cheers ya’ll.

  • i hear ya.


  • Stray Cat

    “Good things take time. Impossible things take a little longer.” Percy Cerutty

    Shaka, bruddah

  • Danny

    Some one just told me lately, dont make it a chinese finger trap, just relax, it’ll work out.

  • Charlie

    I learned lately that stress is self-generated and in most cases over things so far outside of your control there is nothing to be done but to move forward – chin up, chest out. And yes, sometimes sitting out in the glorious sunshine, having a nice cold one, makes it all go away, if just for only a few moments…

  • Suzanne

    I hear you totally. Much going on my end too and stress, well one main thing at least. “F. it” is right just go and chill out as I am doing..

  • I dunno, I did that pretty well yesterday! Feeling the effects today!


  • nick sagar

    Sunshine! You drink better but I brew em better!

  • ktmt

    But while you’re chillin’ on the patio downing those suds, Paul Robinson’s sending 14c/d during his first attempt at roped climbing, Adam Ondra is onsighting four or five 8c’s before breakfast, and some 14-year-old french kid just did his 3rd 8c+. Better make it a pitcher.

  • Sonnie

    Kind words ya’ll. It’s all good, the stress have been revolving around something completely non climbing related, but in the end, it’s the good kind of stress, maybe I’ll blahg about it when the timing is right. Until then…

    Ben, nice work man, I’m proud of you, hope you’re feeling better.

    Nick, you’re absolutely right brah, send me some brewskies, I’ll pay for the bottles and shipping.

    Ktmt, what exactly are you implying? Honestly, do you think Adam Ondra has any bills to pay? Do you think Paul Robinson’s dad could have belayed him on anything that more properly resembles a 2 move boulder problem? And whatever that French Kid did and I’m sure he’s talented, but lets not forget that A. European Limestone is notoriously overgraded, ha ha ha and that B. Chris Sharma was climbing 14c when he was 15 and that was 13 ancient years ago, so nothing too exciting there. As for the beers, it turned into multiple pitchers (as usual) and life is great. Grin.