The Future!

FINALLY it started raining here, I was beginning to wonder what the hell was happening, I mean this isn’t the Squamish I know, Squamish is wet and shitty, not dry and sunny, wtf?  I awoke this morning to a damp sensation, that ever happen to you?  ANYWAY, it’s been serving us the cats and dogs all morning, so finally I can get some productive work done.  “You’ll see, I’m gonna make something of myself.  You don’t know what I have.  You don’t know what I can do.” ha ha – Boogie Nights

Okay so moving right along, yesterdays rappel mission was a WORTHY one.  It’s nothing completely new, these bad boys have been around for a long time, but just never completely finished.  The prognosis:  Two climbs.  One,  A burly roof to a rest into an established climb, it’s been toproped at solid 5.13c, but needs to be lead from the ground, probably 5.13d, R.  Soo stoked.  The second climb has Adam Ondra’s name writen all over it.  5.14b at the very, very least.  5.14c is more likely and 5.14d R/X is very well possible.  The holds are all there, but barely.  For reference, think about the first half of Necessary Evil but without bolts and way less feet.  It’s been aid climbed before, but the gear is tighter than a pair of skinny jeans on a fat boy

So if you think you got the guns for this masterpeice, give me hollar, I’d like to show you the goods.  If not, then please stand by and wait patiently at your desk for the person who is man (or woman) enough to come tick this beast.  Maybe Pete Whitaker?  Pearson or McClure or Pringle.  Maybe I can get Ondra to make a serious visit. Who knows.  All’s I know for sure is that it’s there, sitting and waiting. More to come, stay tuned….

I gotta get some work done, the weekend starts tonight.  Hell ya!

  • Roger

    And why doesn’t it have Sonnie’s name written all over it? Those other guys have nothing on our canucklehead! Keep us posted! I’m always enthralled with your new projects.

  • Sonnie

    hey Roger,

    Well thanks for having faith. I’ll take a closer look over the next couple of weeks and see what comes of it. I had a session on Dream Catcher and for a minute I thought I was feeling strong, until I encountered the crux campusing section at the very end. I think I need a few more hard months of bouldering before I’m back into full power mode. But it was a good burn to see where I’m at. I’ll keep you updated. Best!

  • The Kruk

    Sounds like Shallow Penetration!! You can do it amigo!

  • Well, I for one would like to see BOTH go down! If -I- got to call the shots, you’d crush the catcher first, then get to work on the snazzy traddy line. Oh, and if you’re inviting hard men down to play on it…. You went over and dispatched a Dave MacLeod line, maybe it’s time he returned the favor on CDN soil! (only after your FA of course) 😉


  • rich

    how long a lens do I need to stalk this route?

  • unfortunately, i have awoken with a damp sensation BECAUSE of the goddamn dogs and cat.


  • J69

    The person in the picture isnt even fat!!! The skinnies are to small. They have sweet legs!!!Not everyone has to be a toothpick to wear skinnies.