I’m about to head out to investigate a potential new lead climb, could be 5.13d or harder, maybe R.  Right up my alley.  I don’t know why I gravitate towards these types of climbs, they are just so pure.  Bouldering can be just as fun, agreed, so can sport climbing, but when I find something that’s big and beautiful and a little bit spicy, I can’t help but be pulled in.  I just can’t help myself.  The question of “if” seems to linger a little longer than “when”.  Some people might say I do it because I’m sponsored, but that’s such bullshit,  I’m sponsored because I do it,  it’s not the other way around.  I did what I do, what I love to do long before I ever got any free gear, and I’ll do it long after as well.  Nobody can stop me from climbing the rocks I want to climb, but if people want to support me, that’s cool, I got no qualms with that.  Just don’t tell me I climb because I have to.  We all love it, we love it dearly, maybe to the point where it’s a character flaw, an obsession, but everyone is trying to live a dream to some degree, everyone.  So here I go again on my own, I’ll hike to the top and rappel the face today with a jumar and “investigate”.  If it goes and it’s worth the energy, I’ll have a new project,  if it doesn’t, I still have unfinished business elsewhere, everywhere,  so it’s a win win situation.  The sun is bright and it’s a crystal clear sky, spring is the most uplifting time of year I think.  Gotta get after it.

But before I leave, and I know you’re all like ‘shut up already and go you douche bag Canadian, but I want to thank all the cool peeps who left comments on my post below, especially the stories and stuff.  I know we’ve all had close calls out there, some serious epics, and mine ain’t the big fish, but it’s nice to share, cause I get to interact with some like minded souls, some wise and clever folk who aren’t afraid to raise the questions like.  Is it worth it?  Well here’s my answer  –   Isn’t it always?

Two and half weeks ago, ski/base legend Shane McConkey passed away in a tragic accident.  Like Alex Lowe, Wolfgang Gullich and so many others Shane was a larger than life and indestructable being who was taken from the world when we least expected it.  But his fire will keep burning brightly in all of us, a little bit each day, and we’ll pass that bit of fire on the next, the next person, the next day, the next generation.  In this way, Shane’s influence will last forever, a thousand lifetimes, as will so many other great people who’s choices in life made this world a bit more positive.  Some people plant gardens and flowers,  others huck themselves off cliffs.  Here is a video worth watching.  RIP SM.  Check ya’ll later and make it a good one, if you know what’s good for ya.

  • Nice Sonnie, even though you are a douche bag Canadian I’ll share with you a little motto we have over here at PNC. IDWIFW (I Do What I F****** Want), but it sounds like you already got that down pat! Good things.


  • Stray Cat

    There’s no denying the reality
    No escaping our mortality
    We are impermanent like bubbles in a stream
    So it’s worth it to pursue our dream

    RIP Shane