win some, lose some

It’s windy as all hell today, a dust storm blew over this house and left us in a black out, anything that ain’t tied down is lost. It’s time for handwarmers, toques and down parkas.

Okay, so Honnold never came back out, he was there the day before and decided it was best to drive home to California than to stuff his knuckles back into that overhanging crack. It would have been great to climb with him but since he’s leaving for Borneo in five days, it’s a well respected decision.

Instead Lauren Lee took his place, so it was Mike, Me and Lee trading burns. We all had a great day, Lauren took a crash course in tight hand jams and basically linked the crux roof in a couple tries. Doyle found a way to skip the ring locks and layback the crux, but he’s still missing a crucial link, he needs to swing his feet from one side to the other side without falling. As for me, I fell going for the last hold. I really thought it was over, seriously, in the bag, but then I paused to readjust, just to reset the thumb, and BAM, suddenly shit didn’t feel so good anymore, I came up short on the next hold and the void sucked me down.

I thought, okay, no sweat, I’ll one hang it, and send it next try. Then BAM, OH SNAP, the only good foothold in the roof crumbled under my big toe. All’s that’s left is a sandy sloper. I guess it’s just wasn’t my day. Mike and Lauren traded another burn and we left the gear in place and grabbed burgers in town.

We’re going back up today, but I’m quite discouraged, cracks are hard to begin with, but for me, this may be one of the hardest, big throws between low percentage ring locks. Oooouuch! We shall see, sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose, all we can do is try our best. So here we go….

Hope it’s a good one for ya’ll.

This pic is just before the roof, a teaser by Keith Ladzinski for more amazing pics visit his site.

  • Here’s a lil extra climbing energy support to inspire ya 🙂

  • Danny

    keith has some good shots.

  • Zion Local

    I was able to do Master Blaster with 2 hangs earlier last season, once it started feeling good, it just started feeling bad, and then worse. I’ve got really small hands, cant really understand how a larger handed person would even consider it. Good luck.

  • Nice job Sonnie and Lauren. Heard you’all sent!



  • Lee

    Doyle is too strong. Don’t let him layback.