A clue for you!

Greetings,  this week and weekend has been a busy one, but all in good fun.  My amazing girlfriend and her equally talented friend Sarah Jones are opening their first yoga studio – this weekend.   The energy is high.  But we’ve been working hard, painting, sanding, cutting, framing, stretching, breathing, laying down floor, installing lighting, eating sushi, drinking organic beers, installing doors, and signs and curtains.  Meanwhile the girls have been trying to stay relaxed by doing regular meditation in the mornings and they’re gleaming with excitement. This Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th is the grand opening, so please if you’re in the area come on down for donation only classes – all weekend – any money you put in the jar is going to the Pacific Wild organization that is in place to protect to Western Canada’s Coastal Rainforrests and you may just realign your spine in the process.   Also, if you come this weekend you can score a sweet deal on a one month or three month unlimited pass.  I could go on about yoga, but I won’t, you know how good it is, you just need to do it, even if you don’t do it much, you know it works, (especially climbers and desk jockeys) so instead I’ll leave you with a picture and the address.  www.theyogastudiosquamish.com – 2nd Avenue, beside Heavy Duty’s house.  If you’re from Squamish, it won’t be hard to find.  Sorry for the short non climbing blog, but thought it was worth a mention.  I’m hoping to take off at 3pm and get in some soloing pitches this afternoon at the bluffs, but not until our work here is done.  Again, I hope everyone is having an AMAZING week.  If you’re not,  you can always do something about it – s-grin.  Namaste.

OH and by the way, to all you treasure hunters out there,  here is your 2nd Clue: Code Name: Cobra got a lot comments bet you won’t figure this one out. And your key is: T T

  • Suzanne

    Is the Yoga geared for pregnant women too?

  • The studio looks sweet. Will be sure to stop by for my daily Mysore class next time I come to play on the Chief. Hope the opening is a great success. Namaste.


  • Ally

    what makes an ‘organic beer’? Does that just mean you brought it home in a paper bag rather than a plastic one!

    good luck with the studio.

  • elias

    yeah the best of luck dude!!! and a LOT OF SUCCESS for y’all. i´ll have squamish in mind for my next trip to canada , but at the moment i’ll have to survive this “crisis” and try no to die in the meantime. Elias

  • sonnie

    Suzanne, yes, I’m quite certain yoga is a very safe practice for pregnant women as well, even encouraged, at least up to a certain stage, (consult an expert). Of course it gets harder and harder to do the twisting postures (for obvious reasons) but on the bright side it’s only for a few months! yah.

    Twisting postures by the way are very excellent for people like me and most likely yourselves (readers) because it targets the spleen, the liver, the kidneys and every other stomach organ you own, flushing out the toxins and messaging them in the process, thus cleansing your body and riding it of last weekends alcoholic intake (or other). After just a single session, one feels completely revived which means you and I can enjoy a long ‘healthy’ life of alcoholic abuse with a steady routine of ashtanga yoga to offset any damage. Or, you/me/we can quite drinking all together, but that’s not very likely, since beer is sooooo damn delicious. Speaking of beer….

    What is organic beer? In fact Ally, I didn’t use any bag at all, not plastic, not paper, the liquid ale was poured directly into my mouth from the taps of oak barrels made of reclaimed wood. Nor did I use any gluten or other toxic resources to acquire it. Furthermore, no animals or large rodents (with the exception of one small chickadee) were maimed/wounded during the irresponsible consumption of such delightful barley and hops. I was naked and barefoot the entire time (but since it’s still March it was very hard to tell, wink) and so were the vendors, also naked and barefoot, as clothing and jewelry can interfere with the body’s chakras. We ate grassroot and wild mushrooms because it’s not good to drink on an empty stomach (a lesson I so violently learned back in the 7th grade) and covered our dreadlocks in mud so we’d feel more connected to the earth during our private soiree. NOTE: one can make a sweet didgeridoo with nothing more than a zippo lighter and some PVC piping.

    Crap, where was I going with this? idiot…

    Oh Yah, Organic beer. Check out this link – I swear to god it’s the best bottle of suds that’ll ever pass your lips. I don’t know how to make this a link (stupid illiterate computer guy) but just cut and paste and change your world as you think you know it.


    p.s. Elias, keep your head up man, you seem like a survivor to me. oh and please note, the yoga studio is not mine, it belongs to two lovely ladies, I merely lent a hand with renovations and worked off my three month membership pass. I’ll be attending classes regularly until June at least. All is welcome and thanks for the kind words. Until next time…

  • Big congrats to the ladies! If I wasn’t all the way in Ohio, I’d be there, as my old ass needs some yoga.

    2nd clue? Did I miss the first? Am I missing something altogether?

  • ktmt

    Organic beer: As a non-meat eating, tree and rock hugging, bulk organic food purchasing, crystal deodorant stick wearing, yoga practicing, beer swilling climber, I gotta say, Sonnie, you nailed it!

    Yoga: check this out, it looks really good http://www.youtube.com/enlightenupthefilm

    Congrats to all on the new studio!

  • Suzanne

    Thanks Sonnie! Maybe see you all there then, for a taster at least. Re. the beer comments, Heh! you’re funny 🙂