The best of both worlds

The best aspect to throwing a party is inviting all your friends. Hueco is the best bouldering destination in the world, and Five Ten is the best damn shoe company, so what happens when you put them together? BAM, the one and only Rock Rodeo 2009. Don’t sit around watching South Park, don’t “save your tips” for the gym, don’t hover over your computer screen waiting for the next Momentum Video to be released, don’t even think about blowing this off. Grab your friends (both of them), get in your car, make the honorable pilgrimage south and find yourself swinging, crimping and smedging in all the right places. Hueco wants you, Five Ten invites you, don’t be left holding the remote with dead batteries all taped together regretting the way your dull life is turning out, just get there and climb with some good people, some strange people and some down right stronger than shit people. When the sun is on your face, and you’re digging into those beautiful little crimpers with some new Jet7’s on your feet, you can thank me then.

Peace, love and happiness.

As seen on TV

The Worlds Best New Approach Shoe! The Freerunner.

Strong Simon lacing-up for a quick lap on”The Egg” V8

You may recognize this man from such Nicros ad’s as “we understand”. Five Ten’s own, Nic Oklobzija making a ‘first try’, “first day back at Hueco on my longstanding proj” ascent of Power of Silence, hard V10 – the boy crushed it. Must be the cool way he ties up his shoes.

  • jay

    Sounds awesome. How does Nic Oklobzija tie his shoes?

  • anon

    Nic..left Nicros, didn’t come back now i’m at 5.10.. Oklobzija
    Hmmm glad he’s a strong climber, shite organiser of normal stuff

  • So does this mean you’re heading down south again? I’m looking at airfares right now =D

  • Sounds great! Sadly, I can’t make it down, but we’ll be sure to have a belated party when we roll through there in May!

    Can. Not. Wait!


  • Bill D

    Hey Sonnie, Nothin to do with your post but didn’t know if you’ve read this yet?

    I think you might enjoy it 🙂

  • nic

    I may be a bit flighty(to much climbing on the brain) but I am not the only one working this we got the whole team working on this one! It will be a amazing event!

  • TB

    You’ve obviously not been to Fontainebleau!