• Johnny

    oh my. He’s free.

  • Impressive! I found this last week. Bananas.

  • Lee

    Looks like the training’s paying off Sonnie. And I like your stage name too.

  • Neel

    damn, if i didn’t know better, i’d be raising the BS flag. that’s friggin impressive.

  • almost had to call a forehead dab at 1:07, but i think it may have just been the euro coif. is that valid? hair dab, but no forehead? maybe only if he feels it didn’t assist in his send of the pushup…

  • Sonnie

    The question I’d like to know Sock Hands is whether or not he’s using hair spray. I think there could be a hair dab, depending on how much he used, this is tough, because even though he dabbed, he may not have been able to feel it, the spray (over the years) may have killed some of his nerve endings, so, it’s more of a judgement call on our part. Now since he continued and repeated the feat a second and third time with what looked like a “clean” ascent, I’d personally give it to him. ha ha ha. What do you think?

    Lee. I WISH that was me. Someone get this boy a hangboard, I’m sure he’d be crushing V1’s in no time.

  • Felix

    I’m sure the guy would crush much harder than V1’s (typo?). And yes, I would also agree that an aid free ascent can be claimed. But what about the E grade? Any proposals? At least he didn’t use pads… 😉

  • Matt

    Back in ’01 in Squamish I saw a stripper do the moves this guy does in the first 40 seconds or so. I was only there for the cheap wings and burger deal I swear….

  • Sonnie

    Hey Matt,

    Sooo, was the stripper a boy or a girl? No offence, either way, I’m not judging you, there’s nothing wrong with watching male strippers, but I think we need to know so we can understand how relevant your comment is.

    Ha ha ha, I’m sorry, just screwing around. How were the wings? I used to live behind the North Burnaby Inn, and we’d get 2 dollar burgers all the time, we’d all bring our girlfriends too, I mean who can say no a charbroiled beef and fries for 2 loonies, even if it does come with a brass pole?

  • Damn,
    Nice little rotator cuff strengthening exercise he does at the end there………..

  • Matt

    Nice! It was a female stripper actually – though not sure that really is relevant? From what I have seen out on the rock girls have flexibility, footwork and core strength that means they crush routes I can only dream of!

    Oh, actually you are right, it is absolutely relevant. Just thinking about it now – if it had been one of those wussy long-haired Manpower guys doing those moves I would have been even more impressed.

    Since you ask, the wings were good, the burgers were better, and of course my senorita and the other climber girls came for the show!