Desert Sun Down

Hueco, 2008. The days have gone and counted themselves down when I wasn’t looking, shit, I leave tomorrow. It was such an amazing trip, it feels so good to move around again, climb, stretch under the sun wiggle the toes into the sand and feel the love of the desert in all it’s glory. The sunsets here are so beautiful they can make your heart hurt, the boulders can make you cry, the people will make you laugh and the blue skies will make you smile. If only it were that easy. We’ve endured some extremely cold nights, wind storms, sand blasts and warm beers. But like I said, we’ve endured. Like the legendary Ron Kauk once declared, “the rock is like gold” (but insert theatrical performance and exchange French limestone for the unique granitic blend that is Hueco) So it was a great trip, and because tomorrow is my last day, I am not going to waste my last night staring at this screen, as lovely as she is, I am going to drink wine.

But then you think to yourselves, “who writes a blog about drinking wine” that fucking sucks. I’ve been notified that according to my blah g is rated as one of the top 10 English blogs to read, now imagine that? Top ten in the world. Who knew? Why is this? I don’t know, but I think it’s probably a good thing. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps. Not sure. Quite confused actually. Who sits around rating the quality of everyones blog? What a shite job. I can manage about 15 or 20 minutes of surfing at best before my eye start to bleed. So no wine details here.
I’ll leave this one with a short video I shot of Sean McColl (one of my personal hero’s) who casually walked up Full Service V10 the other day. His smooth graceful style, makes me wish I spent more time bouldering and training and less time at Tim Horton’s donuts and coffee shop only before going climbing on low angle big granite cliffs on gear. I swear this year I am going to focus on bouldering, I’m not getting any younger and I’ve still got a god dozen or so dream climbs to tick.

I’ve been doing as much filming as climbing lately, so I suspect I’m going to have some very interesting footage to look through when I get home. I’ll leave Sean to talk about the hard pulling we’ve done on his blog, including a nice little V9 FA we did called, “G-Spot Fun”. If you haven’t guessed, it’s not easy to find, but once you do, the pleasure is abundant. I’ll give you a hint, it’s located behind a very famous highball V6 on north mountain with a name that rhymes. Awesome bit of stone.